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5 CBD New Year’s Eve Cocktails and Mocktails

5 CBD New Year’s Eve Cocktails and Mocktails

The holidays are in full swing, and that means raising a glass to toast friends, family, the end of 2021, and the promise of a new year.

Why not up the ante with cocktails and mocktails infused with CBD? Read on for the benefits of CBD in your festive drinks, which products work best, and discover some of our favorite, easy-to-make recipes for CBD-infused drinks that will keep your guests happy and chill. 

Why CBD cocktails and mocktails? 

The holidays are a wonderful, joyful, complicated, and often stressful time of the year. For anyone who has ever had anxiety about sitting down to a family meal, traveling to see loved ones, or just feeling like the holiday struggle is all too real, CBD may provide some relief and relaxation. 

If having a cocktail or mocktail makes you feel celebratory and festive, why not add a few drops of CBD? You can still raise a glass to toast the occasion, but you may enjoy the added benefits that come from full spectrum CBD: stress and anxiety relief, anti-inflammatory benefits, better sleep, and even skin that looks and feels better. 

Cocktails with CBD tincture vs. CBD oil 

Chances are, you’ll have the option to purchase either CBD oil or CBD tinctures. Which is better in a cocktail? Because a tincture is alcohol based, it dissolves into the drink itself, making it easy to enjoy all the benefits of full spectrum CBD, right on down to your empty glass. 

CBD oil will float atop the drink, making it appealing to those who enjoy the sensory experience of smelling their cocktail ingredients. And while you’ll still get some of the actual dosage as you drink, chances are, you’ll be leaving some of the CBD oil behind on the sides and bottom of your cocktail glass.

Feel free to experiment with both options to see what you prefer; you can always integrate both the CBD tincture and the CBD oil into other daily routines to ensure you’re receiving all the benefits. After all, CBD isn’t just for enjoying in cocktails alone! 

How much CBD should I use in a cocktail or mocktail?

When it comes to full spectrum CBD, dosage is a personal preference, and one that often requires experimenting to find the right fit for you and your lifestyle. One helpful tip to remember is that the higher the ABV (alcohol by volume) in a drink, the lower you may want to make the dosage of CBD in your cocktail. This may help stave off feelings of sleepiness. 

Try adding 5-10 mg of full spectrum CBD per cocktail. If you don’t feel sleepy, you may want to try up to 15 mg per cocktail. Again, it’s about finding the right fit for you (and your guests!). Enjoy the relaxing and anti-inflammatory benefits that come with CBD with every sip, and have fun experimenting with what feels best. 

Cocktails or mocktails? CBD works in either

Whether you’re serving up cocktails or non-alcoholic mocktails, full spectrum CBD will keep the chill vibes going strong. If you prefer your festive drinks warm or chilled, shaken or stirred, earthy or bright, boozy or virgin, these recipes will make your holiday entertaining easy, delicious, and sure to keep your guests asking for more. 

Here are a few favorite CBD cocktails and mocktails we’ve curated to inspire your festivities:



With its earthy flavor, CBD tastes great with herbaceous spirits like gin.
Here’s a
CBD gin and tonic recipe sure to satisfy. 


Shaken? Stirred? However you serve it up, add some cannabidiol to make this CBD martini dirty and delicious. 


Create those cozy holiday vibes with a CBD hot toddy mocktail sure to warm up even the coldest winter nights. 


Make like you’re in Rome and mix up this CBD negroni recipe to take your taste buds and state of mind on a well-deserved vacation. 

Take seasonal ingredients to the next level with a rosemary citrus spritzer CBD mocktail. Yum! 

From all of us at MASK CBD Skincare to you,
cheers to a chill, CBD-infused holiday!