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Body Acne: How Hemp May Combat Head-to-To Breakouts

Body Acne: How Hemp May Combat Head-to-To  Breakouts

As if 2020 weren’t challenging enough, many of us have begun struggling with an unwelcome side effect of our now not-so-new reality: body acne. When we consider the amount of stress, anxiety, fear and broken sleep we’ve endured over the past year, it should come as no surprise that our bodies are speaking
up and begging us to pay attention, but dealing with a sudden onset of body acne can spark even more stress and frustration, creating a vicious cycle.

Deep breaths. Though the pandemic continues to impact our lives in ways large and small, we can still assert control by utilizing the power of CBD to combat
body acne. If you’ve been struggling with body acne or irritated, inflamed skin, read on for the ways hemp-derived CBD can help alleviate not only body acne, but ease your worried mind, as well.

The many benefits of CBD on your body

While we are in this period of extreme unknown, we’re stressed: Financial uncertainty, fear of becoming sick or losing some we love to COVID-19, isolation and the complete alteration of life we knew as “normal” are causing inflammation in our bodies, which are revving up cortisol (the stress hormone)
production. All of these factors, coupled with lack of sleep, eating “comfort” foods with more sugar or processed ingredients and changes in our daily routines—including not showering as often—are joining forces to give us body acne.

So, what’s a stressed out body to do? Enter CBD, or cannabidiol, the wondrous natural compound derived from the hemp variety of the cannabis plant. CBD has exploded in popularity in the last several years for its ability to target our endocannabinoid system, which regulates appetite, sleep, mood, reproduction and fertility and memory. Think that’s impressive?

The endocannabinoid system has also been shown to be linked to skin function, pain, inflammation, metabolism and immune and—wait for it— stress responses.
While each of us produces endocannabinoids naturally, CBD is thought to bind to them, preventing them from breaking down and working to keep our bodies in homeostasis, or a state of balance.

CBD and acne: A scientifically proven combination

Not only does CBD help many dedicated users to feel less stressed, but it has “substantial anti- inflammatory effects, which would be very much desired in the clinical treatment of acne,” according to a study by the NIH (National Institutes of Health). In another recent study by the NIH, published in February 2020, it was found that cannabinoids “have proven effective as protective agents in neuroinflammatory disorders, and their anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating effects have also proven beneficial in inflammatory skin disorders.” The result of reduced inflammation can lead to healthier looking, calmer skin from head to toe.

In addition to calming inflammation deep within the body, hemp-derived CBD can lead to notable results on the skin’s surface. CBD has also been shown to control the production of skin’s sebum—the oil our skin manufactures naturally to help keep it supple, healthy and protect against environmental harm. For
many of us, stress can trigger oil over-production that can lead to clogged pores that make us break out.

Whether your body acne is on your chest, back or elsewhere, regular CBD use can help regulate oil production. And, when used topically, it can help fight infections that cause breakouts thanks to its natural antibacterial properties.

Healing body acne with the best natural skin care

Using harsh chemicals on body acne may seem like the optimal solution, but these products often create a harmful cycle for skin. Harsh formulas dry skin out and yes, may help dry up a breakout, as well—but only for a short amount of time. Stripping skin of its natural oils will result in skin working overtime to make up the difference—leading once more to oil overproduction that will lead to further breakouts.

A better solution: Reach for gentle, natural CBD skin care products that nourish and calm skin without stripping it or leaving it irritated. MASK CBD Skincare is infused with natural and organic botanical ingredients that are recognized by the body, are safe for your skin to absorb and work in tandem with CBD to help alleviate irritation and breakouts. The MASK Spotless CBD Balancing Serum is a
weightless daily treatment that soothes skin on contact, penetrating below the surface to allow the CBD to work deep within the skin, ushering it back to harmony. It can be used on the face, or on targeted areas of the body where acne has surfaced.

For those looking for a systemic solution to their body acne, Hemp Garden —one of MASK’s trusted sources for CBD—offers ingestible, full spectrum CBD tinctures that work within 15-45 minutes to help alleviate stress; the calming benefits of CBD on the skin may be witnessed in just a few days. For an acute breakout, applying the MASK Spotless serum followed by a drop of CBD tincture on the inflamed area may produce surprisingly effective results.

As we continue to navigate the stresses of life in COVID-19, our bodies will continue to showcase our emotions. Integrating full spectrum CBD into a self-care routine is more important than ever in managing not only body acne, but in taking control over our holistic well-being.