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Clean Beauty Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Clean Beauty Gifts for Everyone on Your List

This holiday season, leave the gift giving to us!

We’ve created gift sets to care for skin in need of self-care–and with winter’s cold outdoor temps and hot, dry indoor air, who doesn’t need a little extra pampering?

Whether you have a clean beauty lover on your shopping list or want to introduce someone to the power of organic, plant-based ingredients, these gift sets will work for anyone–and everyone! – on your list. 


Sheet mask + serum 

This powerful skincare duo delivers the healing and soothing power of CBD directly to skin, where–in combination with other organic, plant-derived ingredients–  it can go to work to calm inflammation and redness, hydrate thirsty skin, and boost radiance. 

This gift set features a full-face CBD sheet mask, which cools skin on contact as it immediately begins to deliver its calming, nourishing, moisturizing formula to skin. While MASK Skincare sheet masks differ in their formulas to target different skin concerns, they’re also gentle enough to be used across all skin types.

So, even if you’re unsure which skin type your gift recipient has, these masks will still garner results without fear of drying or irritating skin. In fact, while some masks may leave skin feeling taught, MASK sheet masks will infuse skin with organic skincare serum ingredients, leaving it feeling plump and hydrated–never stripped or tight.

And, these CBD sheet masks can be used twice; simply save the pouch (it will have excess serum in it!), then peel apart the outer layer of the mask after the first use. Gently fold this thin layer and slide it back into the pouch and ensure it’s soaking in the serum; seal the package, and reuse for a second time. 

The serum that infuses MASK Skincare sheet masks is also the serum that integrates beautifully into a daily non-toxic beauty routine. Weightless and water based, each CBD serum instantly absorbs deep into skin to nourish it from the inside out.

Use it as the first step in a clean skincare routine and follow with a moisturizer and SPF; because these formulas are gentle, hydrating,  and soothing, they pair beautifully with other products and under makeup. 


Lip balm + under eye 

They may look like stocking stuffers, but this lip balm and under-eye mask are workhorses that help skin function at its best, especially during the hectic holiday season. A full-sized Soothing Lip Balm instantly moisturizes dry, chapped lips with olive, apricot, and avocado oils as peppermint, cinnamon bark, cardamom, and clove bud essential oils help to plump lips while healing them from cracking.

But it’s the CBD that’s the real hero in this clean beauty must-have, because it calms and soothes irritation by working within the endocannabinoid receptors in the lips–the highest concentration of these receptors anywhere in the body! Because of its large shape, this Soothing Lip Balm can also be swiped on cheeks as a highlighter or on brows to keep them in place. 

Once your lips are calm and moisturized, tackle under-eye dryness and puffiness with Under-Eye Nourishing Eye Patches. Like our best-selling sheet masks, these non-toxic beauty must-haves are a can’t-live-without part of any beauty arsenal, especially during the height of festive party season.

Simply apply before heading out for the night; the coconut extract, hyaluronic acid, pumpkin seed extract, and antioxidant-rich Kakadu plum extract will work together to deeply hydrate and de-puff the delicate under-eyes, leaving them looking well-rested and radiant.

A truly versatile gift! 


Half face mask + organic hair and body oil 

Moisturized skin and soft, conditioned hair are the gifts that keep on giving…and with this holiday gift set, they’ve never been easier to achieve.  Featuring MASK Skincare’s half face mask– ideal for those who want to wear a sheet mask, but need it to fit around facial hair –this skin-nourishing formula focuses on reviving and calming dry, stressed skin.

CBD soothes inflammation, redness, and irritation, as additional organic skincare ingredients like ginseng and green tea may help to alleviate puffiness. Cucumber fruit extract aids in hydration, plumping skin for a healthy, radiant look. 

Once the CBD sheet mask has been applied to the upper portion of the face, condition beards and mustaches with MASK’s Organic Hair + Body Oil. Powerful plant and nut oils, along with full spectrum CBD, go to work to soothe and comfort skin while softening and conditioning hair, leaving it shiny and healthy looking.

Not just for beards, though, this oil can be used to soothe and moisturize dry patches all over the body, to style and condition hair, and even to encourage eyebrow health. 

This powerful clean skincare gift set is perfect for pampering during a flight, before a big night out, or anytime skin and hair just need some TLC (and CBD!). 


Happy Holidays!