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Dry, Static Winter Hair? Reach for This CBD Hair + Body Oil

Dry, Static Winter Hair? Reach for This CBD Hair + Body Oil

We know winter can be harsh on our skin, but somehow, every year we seem to forget just how hard winter is on our hair, as well.

From whipping wind and dry indoor air to the inevitable put-a-hat-on, pull-a-hat off challenge that leaves hair alive with static, keeping hair healthy during the winter months can feel like an exercise in futility.

If you’ve been dealing with dry, static winter hair, MASK Skincare All Over Oil Organic Hair + Body Oil can help. Here’s how. 

How can organic hair and body oil help dry winter hair? 

An organic hair and body oil like MASK Skincare All Over Oil Organic Hair + Body Oil can help prevent flyaway, static hair by combating dryness. Rich, emollient oils like organic argan, apricot, coffee, castor seed, and avocado oils in this lightweight yet moisturizing formula help to nourish and soften hair, leaving it shiny and healthy-looking. 

Just a few drops worked through damp hair from the mid-shaft of hair to the ends will help “seal” hair. As you style hair, these oils will work to keep it conditioned; the more conditioned hair is, the less chance for dry, static hair.

Plus, these lustrous oils also keep hair protected from the heat of the hairdryer or other styling tools–and they also help hair stay moisturized in dry winter air. The more moisturized hair is, the less static it will conduct. 

All Over Oil isn’t just for use on damp hair, however; just a drop or two worked between the palms can help counter any flyaways or static that occur when you take off your favorite beanie or other type of winter hat. Smooth palms over ends and work any remaining organic hair and body oil through hair by gently patting palms on areas prone to static.


Not only will your hair benefit from these moisturizing ingredients that also enhance shine and eliminate flyaways, but working in any excess oil into your nails and cuticles will keep them healthy and soft, as well. 

How to use organic hair and body oil to relieve dry scalp 

Dry winter hair is too often accompanied by dry winter scalp, and that can feel as uncomfortable as dry winter skin! A healthy, balanced scalp is well moisturized without being oily, and doesn’t feel tight, itchy, or flaky–and it helps protect the health and performance of your hair. 

Indulge your scalp in a spa-like treatment with MASK Skincare’s organic hair and body oil. Using this All Over Oil as a scalp treatment helps to moisturize and bring your scalp back to harmony in the winter. Because it’s infused with full spectrum CBD oil, this formula will help soothe any irritation caused by dryness, and will help balance the scalp for comfort and hair health. 

To give yourself a scalp treatment, begin by filling the dropper with oil. Then, part hair down the center and apply several drops, working from the face toward the back of the neck. Gently massage the oil into the scalp to help distribute it evenly. Then, repeat: Part hair around the head in 2” sections and apply a few drops of oil, massage into the scalp, and so on.

Once the dropper is empty, massage your entire scalp to encourage full and even distribution of the oil, relax! Leave this treatment on overnight so scalp and hair can benefit from the nutrients, then wash and condition hair as you normally would.

Incorporating MASK Skincare All Over Oil into your clean beauty routine can help prevent and treat dry, static winter hair and scalp. And with its powerful blend of highly beneficial organic, plant-based ingredients, you can use it on dry skin patches and facial hair, as well.