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Feeling Sick? Reach for CBD Skincare

Feeling Sick? Reach for CBD Skincare

‘Tis the season for gathering with loved ones…and unfortunately, for spreading germs.

With the steep rise in flu, RSV, and COVID this winter–not to mention the common cold! – many of us are seeing the effects of being sick show up on our skin. Red, blotchy patches and dry flaky skin are common when we’re sick, especially around our tender noses.

But it’s also common for skin to break out when we’re sick because we’re frequently touching our faces, not eating as well as we should be, and spending a lot of time on the same pillowcase trying to will ourselves back to health.

If you’re seeing unwanted changes in your skin because you’re feeling sick, reach for CBD skincare. Here’s why. 

CBD skincare can help alleviate red, irritated skin 

Red, inflamed skin is all too common when we’re sick. From blowing our noses too much to forgetting to moisturize because we’re sweating out a fever, being sick can result in irritated skin that looks red and inflamed. 

If you are under the weather and seeing your skin become more irritated as a result, reaching for CBD skincare can go a long way in helping to bring your skin back to a calmer place.

“CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation and redness in the skin,” notes Sarah Mirsini, founder of MASK CBD Skincare.

“While the benefits of CBD on the skin are still being studied, there is ample anecdotal evidence to suggest that CBD skincare can be beneficial in helping to soothe inflammatory conditions such as eczema, rosasica, and psoriasis. In addition, CBD skincare may also be highly effective at helping to resolve more short-term irritation, such as the kind we experience when our noses are chapped or our skin is blotchy from being sick.” 

Dry, flaky skin benefits from CBD skincare, too 

Full spectrum CBD contains cannabidiol and other myriad compounds that work together to create an “entourage effect,” meaning they are more beneficial together than they are when working alone. CBD skincare with full spectrum CBD is no exception. Not only can it help alleviate red and irritated skin, but CBD may work to moisturize the parched skin that tends to crop up on our faces when we’re sick. 

According to, while more studies are needed about the health benefits of CBD, “CBD may play a role in hydrating the skin and have anti-inflammatory effects, so using a product that contains CBD might help with treating dry skin or certain inflammatory skin disorders.” 

Applying a gentle, full spectrum CBD skincare product to skin while you’re sick may help clear up dry, flaky skin by the time you’re feeling ready to face the world again.

Using one of the CBD serums from MASK CBD Skincare or a MASK CBD sheet mask delivers full spectrum CBD alongside organic botanical ingredients that are biocompatible, meaning they are recognized by and work with skin to help it function at its best.  Let the CBD skincare go to work while you’re recuperating, and get ready for more hydrated skin that reclaims its glow. 

CBD skincare may help combat breakouts 

One other side effect that may crop up when you’re sick? Breakouts. Lack of sleep, not eating well, being dehydrated, and sweating out a fever and sleeping a lot on the same pillowcase may result in breakouts–as if being sick weren’t injury enough! 

CBD skincare can take some of the sting out of being sick by helping to combat breakouts. Full spectrum CBD works within the body’s endocannabinoid system to bring the body to homeostasis, or balance.

It helps regulate oil production that may result in clogged pores and acne and reduces inflammation; when paired with ingredients that promote cell turnover and speed healing, like the helichrysum and manuka honey in MASK CBD Skincare “Spotless” products, it becomes a gentle yet highly effective powerhouse against breakouts. 

Chapped lips love CBD skincare 

Dry, cracked, chapped lips are an all-too-common occurrence when sickness strikes, and CBD skincare may help relieve those symptoms, as well. That’s because our lips have the highest number of endocannabinoid receptors on the whole body, so CBD can go to work relieving your chapped lip pain ASAP. 

The Organic Moisturizing Lip Stick by MASK CBD Skincare delivers cooling relief on contact, then an emollient blend of highly nourishing plant based oils and other botanical ingredients that soften, smooth, and bring chapped lips back to their most comfortable state. Your lips will be back to beautiful by the time you’re feeling better! 

If you find yourself sick this winter (and we hope you don’t!), CBD skincare can be just the pick-me-up you need to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy until the rest of you catches up. Here’s to a healthy and happy year ahead!