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Find Your Men’s Skincare Routine

Find Your Men’s Skincare Routine

Whether you’re just beginning to think about a comprehensive men’s skincare routine or are well versed in the world of men’s grooming products, the way you care for your skin on a daily basis can have sizable effects on how it feels, looks and performs. With all the thousands of products out there, though, how do you know what to use, and when to use it? It can be overwhelming to decide—but it doesn’t have to be.

We’re breaking down a clean men’s skincare routine you can
count on—and discussing why CBD is the ingredient your skin has been missing.

Find your daily routine

No matter what your skin type, creating a daily routine to care for it can make a big difference. While some of us have been known to use whatever soap is in the shower to wash our faces and others have a medicine cabinet’s worth of products, somewhere in the middle lies the sweet spot for men’s skin care.

The first step in your men’s skin care routine?

Cleansing nightly with a gentle facial cleanser that won’t strip skin is key; harsh cleansers can rob skin of necessary oil and can actually cause your oil glands to kick into overdrive to make up the difference—leading to clogged pores and
breakouts. Instead, opt for a cleanser infused with gentle yet effective botanical ingredients, like the face wash from Josh Rosebrook or Ursa Major , the activated charcoal bar from Soapwalla or deep cleaning yet soothing face cleanser from Dr. Alkaitis.

Next, it’s time for toner. One of the unsung heroes in any natural skin care routine, toner helps remove excess dirt and dead skin cells while balancing skin’s acid mantle, the protective vital top layer of skin that keeps moisture in and bacteria and harmful pollution out. Sweep toner across your skin with a cotton pad; if your toner comes with an atomizer, you can also spritz it on your face throughout the day to moisturize and balance skin—a great pick-me-up when taking off your protective face mask.

Before you moisturize, apply a few drops of serum to really kick your routine into high gear. Serums are a powerful tool in caring for your skin, because they target skin concerns (aging, dryness, breakouts) with a small amount of product. MASK CBD Skincare serums are weightless, water-based serums that absorb instantly into skin to help it function at its best. Formulated with full spectrum CBD to deliver the full variety of soothing cannabinoids and hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture, these serums improve the look and feel of skin from the
inside out. The longer you use it, the better your skin will look and feel.

Last, but definitely not least, apply a moisturizer. Face oils work wonders on all skin types because they absorb into the skin and help to balance oil production while deeply moisturizing skin, but some men prefer lotions or creams to face oils. Whichever route you take, make sure to moisturize regularly; one of the main culprits of dry, prematurely aging or overly oily skin is actually a lack of moisture. Moisturizing regularly may help reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and may work to combat breakouts, as well. Talk about a win-win.

If this seems like a complicated men’s skin care routine, take heart: Washing your face in the morning with water and following with serum and moisturizer works very well for many people (just be sure to add sunscreen as your last step during the day). If you’re doing the “heavy lifting” with your skincare regime at night, you don’t have to go through the entire step upon waking.

Clean ingredients matter

Choosing clean ingredients, like those in plant based MASK CBD Skincare serums and sheet masks, can go a long way in protecting your skin and your overall health. Men’s skincare products formulated without parabens, pthalates, artificial fragrance or sulfates—known skin irritants or possible hormone disruptors— are less likely to cause discomfort or aggravate inflammation. Look for plant based, natural ingredients that may improve skin over time and that your body will be able to safely absorb, since what we put on our skin can be absorbed into our bloodstream.

CBD and men’s skin care

So, now that you have your natural skincare regime in place, which CBD products should you use and why? Full spectrum CBD, or cannabidiol, packs a punch with its numerous cannabinoid compounds. Not only does CBD skin care deliver a powerful dose of antioxidants to combat aging, but it may soothe inflammation, calm acne, balance skin and alleviate dryness.

In short, hemp-derived CBD is the ingredient you definitely want to be using in your skincare products. Using MASK CBD Skincare serums daily can help your skin look more radiant. No matter which MASK formula you choose, your skin will benefit not only from the full spectrum CBD, but from the hyaluronic acid in each formula. This natural humectant holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water within cells of the skin—and that means skin appears more hydrated and healthier looking overall.

To up the ante, work MASK sheet masks into your routine once or twice a week. We love the MASK Half Face Conditioning and Calming mask for its ability to revive the look of dry stressed skin without having to worry about it sticking to facial hair. The cucumber fruit extract helps retain moisture, leaving skin looking nourished and well hydrated.

Curious about CBD products and your skincare routine? Discover our recommendations here.