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MASK CBD Skincare’s Campaign for Self-Acceptance

MASK CBD Skincare’s Campaign for Self-Acceptance


“Each of us wears masks by which we move through the world: From how we present ourselves at the office to time spent with our loved ones, we exhibit to the world a mere version of our genuine selves. At night, we wash the day away and lay bare our truth. It is this moment, when we discard the facades, from which MĀSK draws its inspiration.”

—Sarah Mirsini, Founder, MĀSK Skincare

MASK CBD Skincare was founded on the premise of authenticity: When we remove the masks we wear daily to move about in the world, we reveal our true selves. In that moment, we are real, we are vulnerable—and we are also strong and beautiful. 

To honor the authentic beauty in each of us, MASK CBD Skincare has recently launched a campaign called #ShareYourSkin. At its heart, this social campaign is one that celebrates self-acceptance: Who we are without artifice, and how we show up to love that person in the mirror. 

“I want to promote a healthy image of the beauty industry,” says Sarah Mirsini, founder of MASK. “We’ve become so accustomed to seeing images splashed across social media that are heavily edited or filtered, and it has altered how we feel about ourselves in real life. My goal with #ShareYourSkin is promote healthy self-esteem, self-acceptance, and to normalize imperfections, because they’re what make each of us unique—and beautiful.” 

The campaign features un-retouched photos of people from all over the world, from the beauty industry and well beyond—all posted without filters, all embracing their skin in its fully natural state.

“We’ve been so honored to have people join our movement to normalize normal skin,” Mirsini shares. “It’s not always easy to be that vulnerable in front of the camera, and then to share that vulnerability publicly. But the more people who join #ShareYourSkin, the more powerful the message of self-acceptance.” 

Are you ready to join the #ShareYourSkin movement? Just post your bare skin portrait without any filters and tag us—and help us normalize (and celebrate!) normal skin and authentic beauty.