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Morning vs. Evening Skin Care Routine: When to Use Your Skincare Products

Morning vs. Evening Skin Care Routine: When to Use Your Skincare Products

Investing in high quality, full spectrum CBD products for your natural skincare routine may go a long way in keeping your skin balanced and happy. And knowing when to use these CBD skin care  products—and in what order—may also have a sizable impact on how your skin looks and feels.

We’re diving into morning vs. evening skin care routines to help demystify which products to use and when, so you can look forward to seeing the benefits of CBD, every time you look in the mirror.

A Plant-Based Morning Skincare Routine


Your skin has worked hard overnight to repair and restore itself, and if you’ve taken care to wash it and moisturize it before bed, we’re suggesting something radically simple for your morning wash-and-wake- up: Wash your face only with water.

We recognize this may not work for every skin type or even for every season, but we like to go gentle in the morning to help keep skin’s acid mantle—the fine protective layer of oil and perspiration that keeps bacteria, viruses and other potential harmful contaminants at bay—in tact.

Unless we’ve been sweating heavily at night, a gentle cleanse with water in the morning is our method of choice.


After washing your face with water and gently drying it, it’s time to use a toner. Toners are often overlooked, but once you add them to your skincare routine, you may wonder why you waited so long. Not only do toners help balance and tone skin, they help prep it to receive serum and moisturizer.

Reach for a gentle yet highly effective toner like Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator , which not only delivers powerful hydration in a few spritzes, but also calms inflammation and irritation. Bonus: It smells like heaven!


A serum is a powerful part of any skincare routine, because it sinks below the skin’s surface to deliver highly effective nutrients right to the source. Once you’ve washed and toned your skin, it’s time to add a few drops of skin-loving serum.

MASK CBD Serum uses full spectrum CBD in its serums to soothe skin and relieve inflammation, combat dryness, alleviate the look of fine lines and wrinkles and help balance oil production.

MASK offers three plant-based CBD serums to target specific skin needs: Luminouss (for dry skin), Spotless (for oily or acne prone skin), and Ageless (an anti-aging formula). These super lightweight formulas add an instant moisture boost to all skin types—so don’t be ashamed of admiring yourself in the mirror throughout the day. You really do look that good.


Allow your MASK serum to sink in, then add your moisturizer. We love face oils for their effectiveness and ability to penetrate skin (instead of sitting on top of it, as with many lotions or creams). Just a few drops of plant-based and non-toxic face oils like those from Vintner’s Daughter , Laurel , Pai Skincare or Herbivore can deeply moisturize skin and work below the surface to balance and care for skin. Plus, they add a gorgeous glow!

While those with oily skin may be reticent to try face oils, doing so may produce surprising results. Too often, oily skin is actually caused by dryness; when skin is doesn’t have the moisture it needs—say, from being stripped by products that are too harsh—it overcompensates by producing more oil. This can result in oily looking, breakout prone skin. Face oils often help to balance out this sebum production, leaving skin truly moisturized and healthy looking—not overly oily.


Reaching for a zinc-based, non-nano and non-toxic sunscreen like those from Saie , Ilia , Suntegrity or Josh Rosebrook will help protect skin from sun’s damaging rays. You’ll not only help lower your risk for skin cancer, but you’ll lower exposure to UVA and UVB light that can prematurely age skin, leading to age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

An Evening CBD Skin Care Routine


Skin repairs and regenerates as we sleep, so whether you wear makeup or not, you still want to make sure to wash your face before bed. This will help remove any dirt, oil, sunscreen, cosmetics or sweat from under your face mask that can block pores and lead to breakouts and inflammation; it will also prep your skin to receive the beneficial products you’ve chosen.

Reach for non-toxic and gentle options from other plant-based brands like Indie Lee , One Love Organics or Tata Harper , choosing the type of cleanser that works best for your skin type and your daily routine (i.e., one that removes makeup easily, etc).


Just as you used toner in the morning, you want to use it as part of your evening skin care routine. For sweeping away traces of whatever your cleanser left behind and having a noticeable impact on skin, the Josh Rosebrook Daily Acid Toner is one we love. It has all the benefits of an acid—promoting cell turnover, evening skin tone, resurfacing skin and leaving it glowing—without the harsh drying or stinging effects of other acid products. And because it is formulated, like all Josh Rosebrook products, to deeply moisturize and hydrate skin, it actually may help skin look plumper over time.


With skin nice and clean, it’s time to treat it to a MASK CBD Skincare sheet mask of your choosing. Formulated to complement its line of serums, these CBD sheet masks are available in Luminouss, Spotless and Ageless, each infused with full spectrum CBD and plant-based powerhouse ingredients.

Simply peel off both sides of the sheet mask, position on your face and relax for 15-20 minutes while it does its (remarkable) thing. MASK CBD sheet masks are an instant boost for your skin, and because they’re not formulated to strip anything from skin—instead, adding beneficial ingredients—doing them several times a week may work wonders for your overall skin appearance.


Once again, apply a few drops of your MASK serum to benefit and boost your skin as it rejuvenates overnight. Bonus: the full spectrum CBD may just help you drift off to sleep!


Follow with your favorite face oil moisturizer, taking a few slow, deep breaths as you gently press these delicate formulas into your skin. Say a quick prayer of gratitude for all your skin does for you, every day…then drift off to a restorative sleep.