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New to CBD? Here are some great product starters

New to CBD? Here are some great product starters

Give yourself the gift of less stress, anxiety, and inflammation!  Whether you’re shopping for your bae or your BFF, we’ve curated our top 5 CBD gifts for yourself or your loved ones—and we even have something for the procrastinators out there (no judgment!). 

For the sweet tooth 

Satisfy their sweet tooth with a CBD-infused treat. Iremia CBD’s caramels are pure decadence that practically melt on the tongue, but pack enough CBD per piece to help alleviate stress and anxiety, too. Plus, they’re individually wrapped, so they’re perfect for traveling, sharing, or just enjoying whenever the urge for something sweet and stress-relieving strikes. 

For the natural skincare aficionado 

If you have a natural skin care lover in your life, MASK CBD Skincare has you covered. The one-size-fits-all natural skin solutions are chock full of organic ingredients that address different skincare needs, from breakouts to aging concerns to skin in need of extra moisture. 

Each MASK CBD Skincare sheet mask and skin serum is infused with full spectrum CBD to ensure the skin benefits from the numerous cannabinoids in the hemp plant. When cannabinoids work in conjunction with one another to further boost efficacy, it’s known as the “entourage effect.”

The result? Powerful anti-inflammatories and antioxidants can work their magic, all while helping bring skin to balance (including oil production!). And, because MASK CBD Skincare is packed with natural, organic plant-based ingredients that skin can recognize and receive easily, skin looks more calm, radiant, and healthy.

Not sure which product to gift your loved one? Opt for the MASK online gift card (perfect for procrastinators, too!) and let them choose the best products for their skin. 

For the peace seeker 

Gift your loved one the gift of serenity with Martha Stewart's Sleep Science Cream. A lavender scented CBD body lotion. This vegan moisturizer can be used on elbows, knees, neck, and shoulders—anywhere, really!— to help stave off joint or muscle pain and stiffness, to moisturize dry skin, and to benefit from the stress relieving properties of CBD. 

Lavender, revered for its mood-boosting properties, works in harmony with this full spectrum, hemp-derived CBD to help alleviate feelings of stress or anxiety. We love to use this lavender CBD moisturizer before bed to encourage sleep—just rub a little dollop underneath your nose for a spa-like slumber. 

For kissable lips 

For soft, kissable lips that feel buttery soft even in the middle of winter, reach for MASK CBD Skincare Organic Moisturizing Lip Stick. Packed with some of the most emollient natural ingredients we could find—including apricot oil, olive oil, and avocado oil—this chubby CBD lip balm glides on to deliver the softest, smoothest moisture and shine. 

A blend of peppermint, clove bud, cinnamon, and cardamom essential oils deliver a cooling sensation that smells as delightful as it feels on lips in need of some extra love. And, because our lips have some of the highest concentration of endocannabinoid receptors in the body, the full spectrum CBD can go to work immediately to deliver anti-inflammatory benefits to delicate lips while soothing skin and spirit from stress and anxiety. 

For the workout junkie 

Have someone in your life who loves to work up a sweat? Gift them a CBD roll on from Highline Wellness to relieve muscle pain on contact.

As skin is our body’s largest organ, it’s packed with endocannabinoid receptors. Roll on this CBD pain relief and let the power of CBD go to work targeting pain, reducing inflammation, and helping to bring down stress and anxiety levels. We also love using this roll on around the temples and the base of the neck to help stave off tension headaches.