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Our Top Tips for Changing Your Skincare Routine This Fall

Our Top Tips for Changing Your Skincare Routine This Fall

As the season shifts from summer to fall, many of us will notice some changes in how our skin is behaving. Just when we finally got lost in summer’s easy groove, autumn’s falling temps, crisp breezes and the dreaded drying heat (!) indoors promises to send our skin to imbalance once more.

If this sounds like a page out of your skincare playbook, don’t stress. We’ve compiled our top tips for changing your CBD skin care routine for fall—and with a few small tweaks, your skin will be calm, hydrated, and ready to transition into fall in no time. 

Dial down exfoliation 

First thing’s first: As we head into the fall season, our skin can probably use a gentle hand. The dryer air and cooler temps mean we’re not sweating as much, nor are we reapplying sunscreen like we do during the summer—both of which can help skin stand up to more frequent exfoliation.

 If you were using a physical exfoliating more than once a week this summer, or if you were applying chemical exfoliants or retinoids regularly, consider dialing them back to once a week. If your skin feels in need of a little more sloughing, try twice a week, or experiment until you find the right balance. You’ll know if you’re exfoliating it too frequently if skin feels irritated, is red or inflamed, breaking out or peeling. 

Moisturize season-sensitive skin with aloe and CBD

Season-sensitive skin can look and feel more reactive than usual, resulting in dry patches, blotchiness, and discomfort. Soothing it with natural ingredients that moisturize and calm from the outside in can help skin transition to the cooler, dryer months more comfortably. 

Incorporating a combination of aloe vera and CBD into your skincare routine right now may make a noticeable difference. Aloe vera is renowned for its ability to moisturize and soothe even sensitive skin, and CBD calms inflammation and delivers antioxidant benefits. 

“For many of our customers, using aloe vera in conjunction with CBD has been highly effective in managing everything from reactive, irritated skin to improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles,” notes Sarah Mirsini, founder of MASK CBD Skincare.

MASK Luminouss or Spotless CBD face serums and CBD face masks deliver both aloe and CBD—along with a host of other beneficial natural ingredients—directly to skin to help keep it calm, moisturized, and balanced.”

Add a layer of CBD lip balm 

Often one of the most sensitive areas on our bodies, lips can bear the brunt of seasonal changes by becoming flaky, chapped, and all around miserable. Add wearing protective face masks to the skin-chafing mix and it’s no wonder we want to stash a lip balm in every bag, pocket, or desk drawer so we never have to feel the discomfort of inflamed, dry lips. 

Enter CBD lip balm, which works within the high concentration of endocannabinoid receptors on the lips (the highest on the face!) to deliver calming relief to lips in need of soothing moisture. Formulated with Arnica Flower for its anti-inflammatory benefits and Olive Oil, Apricot Oil, and Avocado Oil for their highly effective moisturizing properties, MASK Organic Moisturizing CBD Lip Stick boasts 250mg of CBD for instant lip relief. 

Up the ante with more masks 

Unpredictable fall weather can mean unpredictable skin. Head dryness, reactivity, and breakouts off at the pass with CBD sheet masks that deliver a concentrated dose of skin-loving botanical ingredients and full spectrum CBD in just a short amount of time. 

“We love MASK sheet masks for their ability to deliver such nourishing ingredients in such an effective way,” Mirsini says.

“Not only do they really target specific skin concerns, they can be used several times a week without worrying about stripping skin of vital nutrients, oils, or disrupting the skin barrier. They’re a highly effective tool in prepping skin for a change of seasons, and keeping it balanced any time of year.”