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Our Top Tips for Preventing Holiday Skin Stress

Our Top Tips for Preventing Holiday Skin Stress

For anyone who has ever traveled for the holidays or really, really celebrated the holiday season, you know that holiday skin stress is all too real. Breakouts, irritation, dryness…the list goes on and on.

Thankfully, being festive doesn’t mean being relegated to skincare concerns that make you want to hide behind an N95 mask. Here are our top tips for preventing holiday skin stress. Read on, make note, and get back to feeling festive. 

Wash your face before bed

No matter how much delicious food you’ve enjoyed, how many cocktails you’ve toasted with, or how tired you are, washing your face before bed during the holidays is non-negotiable. 

Why? Because our skin puts up with a lot all day: Dirt, oil, bacteria, sweat (looking at you, face masks!), makeup, environmental stressors—all of which accumulate on our skin and can clog pores and prevent healthy cell turnover.

Over time, this can cause breakouts, dullness, and prevent skin from healing and regenerating the way it needs to in order to function at, and look, its best. In addition, washing your face preps your skin to receive all the benefits of your skincare routine when skin repairs itself. Washing your face before bed helps prevent skin stress—during the holidays, and every other night of the year. 

Calm skin down with CBD 

After washing your face with a gentle cleanser, combat any stress your skin may be feeling with a CBD skin serum. “A natural CBD skin serum is a booster for your skin,” explains Sarah Mirsini, founder of MASK CBD Skincare.

“When you apply a CBD serum before your moisturizer, it sinks into skin and delivers all the skin-loving ingredients right to the source. Because CBD works within the body’s endocannabinoid system, it helps restore skin’s equilibrium. Using a full spectrum CBD, like that found in MASK serums, means that your skin will enjoy the ‘entourage effect’ of multiple cannabinoid compounds working in tandem to really benefit skin.” 

Even if skin doesn’t appear inflamed and irritated, you can still benefit from using a MASK CBD serum, which delivers antioxidants, hydration, and calming benefits to help stave off inflammation and skin stress—a particular concern when we’re tired, eating or drinking more inflammatory foods, and generally off our normal routines as we so often are during the holidays. 

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize 

Keeping skin moisturized during the holidays is key to keeping it calm. For those of us who live in colder winter climates, the combination of cold, dry outdoor air and warm, dry heat indoors can wreak havoc on skin, leaving it dry, irritated, and uncomfortable. 

When skin is dry, it may look more dehydrated, dull, and wrinkled. Left to its own devices, dry skin overcompensates by ramping up oil production, which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. When you give skin the moisture it craves, you can break that vicious cycle. Plus, your skin will look and feel so much better! 

Begin moisturizing with a MASK CBD skin serum, then follow with your favorite natural moisturizer to really lock in its benefits and keep skin dewy and radiant. 

De-stress skin with CBD sheet masks 

Whether you’re traveling or staying at home this season, keep holiday stress at bay with a CBD sheet mask. Using full spectrum CBD, MASK CBD Skincare masks use the same nourishing, natural ingredients found in our skin serums, in a quick-hitting delivery method that leaves skin looking and feeling balanced, radiant, and healthy.

Think of a CBD sheet mask as “supercharging” your skincare routine: You’re giving it a big, beautiful dose of plant-based ingredients to nourish it back to balance, and to prevent holiday stress. 

With results this good, we won’t blame you for gifting one of these best-selling CBD sheet masks to yourself!