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Sunburned skin?

Sunburned skin?

After over a year living most of our lives indoors, many of us are more than ready to welcome the sun’s warm rays on our bare skin. And with the start of the summer season unofficially upon us this Memorial Day Weekend, there’s a chance that our delicate, sun-starved skin may get sunburned at some point (though we are diligent about applying SPF, promise!).

If you find yourself coming in from the sunshine only to discover red, sensitive and inflamed skin, you may want to consider reaching for CBD—or cannabidiol, a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant— to help soothe that sunburn.

Does CBD help sunburn?

One of CBD’s most heralded benefits is its anti-inflammatory properties. When taken by mouth, CBD works within the body’s endocannabinoid system to reduce systemic inflammation throughout the body, including the skin. But CBD can also be used topically to target inflammation from the outside in.

According to Refinery29 ,“Dermatologist  Ellen Marmur , MD, confirms that although CBD can be used for ailments both internally and externally, it's great for skin burns because of its anti- inflammatory effect, and its power to reduce pain and prevent potential infections.”

CBD works to reduce the body’s inflammatory response, and sunburn is just that: an inflammatory reaction to the sun’s UV rays. Whether you ingest CBD, apply it topically or opt to do both (our favorite), your skin can reap the benefits of this hemp-derived compound.

Which CBD skin care products should I use for sunburn?

Using organic and natural CBD skin care, like the ingredients found in the entire line of MASK CBD Skincare products, may help ease the heat and pain associated with sunburn. Incorporating MASK Luminouss Hydrating CBD Moisturizing Sheet Mask—followed by MASK Luminouss CBD Hydrating Serum—into your sunburn care delivers natural ingredients renowned for soothing and hydrating the skin: Aloe Vera Juice and Coconut Water gently hydrate skin that’s seen too much sun, while Manuka Honey promotes healing and works as a natural antibacterial to prevent infection.

For sunburn on the body, consider reaching for a CBD salve or CBD body lotion to moisturize, soothe and calm parched, sun-inflamed skin. After a cooling shower, gently apply to sunburned skin to help stave off peeling and tightness. We like the body care from Iremia for its high quality ingredients and stringent CBD testing.

To complement your CBD skin care routine, consider a CBD tincture or other edibles to help combat inflammation from inside the body out. Tinctures like these from Iremia are taken under the tongue to deliver CBD benefits quickly; we’ve also been known to rub a few drops on red, irritated skin to help nourish it back to a calm state.

However you integrate CBD into your summer, we hope you enjoy the soothing benefits to your mind, body and mood—and of course, to your skin!