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The Future of CBD Skincare? Why Gen Z is Reaching for CBD

The Future of CBD Skincare? Why Gen Z is Reaching for CBD

Easing stress, promoting better sleep, assisting with mental health or helping to calm systemic inflammation: Whatever their reasons for reaching for CBD, Gen Z has embraced cannabidiol with open arms.

Now, Gen Zers are seeking help in the form of hemp-derived CBD skin care to address any number of skin concerns, from imbalanced skin to signs of aging and acne. While the CBD industry has exploded in recent years, leaving some to speculate if it’s just a flash in the pan, if Gen Z has anything to say about it, CBD is here to stay.

The rise in popularity of CBD skincare

According to TodaysHealthScience , users of CBD skin care and personal care products have doubled in the past year, from 125,000 to 250,000. That means that CBD products have proven both that they’re gaining in popularity and still have plenty of room for growth. But what’s behind this growth in the popularity of CBD skin care?

“We know from reporting by the Children’s Health Council that Gen Z has reported the most mental health challenges across generations surveyed,” says Sarah Mirsini, founder of MASK CBD Skincare. “CBD is often linked with more relaxation and decreased anxiety, so it makes sense that many Gen Zers find their way to CBD through caring for their mental health. Once they have a positive experience,
they’re naturally drawn to bringing CBD into their lives through additional avenues. CBD skin care is a natural fit for many who want to see better health translate to their physical well-being and appearance.”

With the arrival of COVID-19, CBD sales have also spiked. In April of 2020, according to American Spa , “The research company Brightfield Group has found that 49 percent of Gen Z and Millennials are planning on using more CBD during the weeks and months to come because of its natural calming effects.” Now a year into the pandemic, with many consumers having had to forgo trips to salons, aestheticians or who may just have been looking to pamper themselves while staying close to home, there has been a sizable boost in hemp-derived CBD skin care sales.

The benefits of CBD skin care

If CBD can work such wonders on inflammation and stress within the body, it makes sense that Gen Z consumers are seeking it out to care for their skin. “CBD—especially when combined with organic and plant-based ingredients that skin easily accepts, like those in MASK products—can have a noticeable positive impact on the look and feel of skin,” shares Mirsini.

“We know from customer feedback that using MASK serums and sheet masks infused with CBD have helped our customers overcome dry patches, bring skin to balance, reduce the look of redness and even combat breakouts—all of which any of us can benefit from, given the stress our skin has been under for the past year.”

And the benefits don’t stop there. Because our skin is porous, it it absorbs CBD (and other ingredients) through the skin, where our blood can transmit it to the rest of our body. By using natural and organic, plant based CBK skin care like MASK, skin doesn’t just reap the benefits of ingredients that deeply nurture skin; the whole body can benefit from the CBD that passes through the skin and works with our endocannabinoid systems to bring our bodies to balance.

As CBD skincare continues to become more popular with all ages, Gen Z can still stake their claim of being ahead of the CBD skin care curve, and knowing a great thing when they see it.