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Transition Your Skincare for Spring with CBD

Transition Your Skincare for Spring with CBD

The spring equinox is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to start prepping your skin   for milder temps and more humidity.

While you may be ready to jump headlong into the season of renewal (us, too!), it’s important to remember that our skin needs some time to adjust to the changes in its environment.

Just a few simple steps can help your skin ease into spring with a gorgeous glow—and who doesn’t want that? Here’s how to transition your skincare for spring with CBD. 


Reach for a gentle exfoliator 

First thing’s first: After months of slathering on heavy moisturizers to keep our skin protected from cold winter air and dry indoor heat, our skin needs a chance to breathe a bit.

Gentle exfoliation once or twice a week can help slough off dead skin cells and dry patches to reveal fresh skin cells underneath. Bonus: Regular exfoliation can help our skincare products penetrate our skin, making them more effective and calling for smaller amounts of product. 

It’s important to remember that when it comes to exfoliation, too much of a good thing can be an irritating, drying, inflammatory thing. If your skin is dry, choose a gentle natural exfoliant that you can use once a week.

If your skin does well with that, you may be able to bump it up to twice a week. Oilier skin can often handle being exfoliated two to three times over the course of a week. But if your skin starts to look dry, irritated, flaky or inflamed, cut back on how much you’re exfoliating, as these are signs of a damaged skin barrier. 

Need help finding a natural exfoliant that works on all skin types? We love this one from organic European brand Flower and Spice, an extremely creamy and gentle blend of AHA fruit acids and bamboo powder to both chemically and physically exfoliate skin. Plus, it smells like a spa getaway!

Make CBD skin serum a must 

After exfoliating skin to reveal fresh skin cells, reach for a CBD skin serum that will penetrate skin to care for it at its source. MASK CBD Skincare Face Serum blends full spectrum CBD with a host of organic, natural ingredients to create highly effective, weightless serums that target specific skin concerns.

These concentrated formulas make the most of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers of CBD, blending them with moisturizing, soothing, and glow-enhancing botanicals for non-toxic blends that help improve the look and feel of skin—just what you want as the weather warms up. 

Lighten up your moisturizer 

As winter’s chill gives way to warmer days, your layers of thick moisturizer may prove too much for your skin. Instead, choose a lighter moisturizer that’s still packed with natural and organic ingredients to moisturize skin without the weight of an occlusive balm or cream. 

Whether you use a face oil packed with powerhouse ingredients on top of your CBD skin serum—like this one from Soapwalla— or prefer a lotion like this one from OSEA or this one with built-in SPF from Josh Rosebrook, choose formulas that are as pure and gentle on skin as your MASK CBD skin serum. That way, you’ll be protecting and nourishing your skin and your overall health.   

Treat your skin to a CBD sheet mask 

Just because the weather isn’t as harsh on your skin in spring doesn’t mean it doesn’t need the spa treatment once or twice a week. In fact, the change of seasons is an ideal time to be extra kind to your skin, as it can feel a bit uncomfortable while it adjusts to the seasons. 

Treating your skin to a CBD sheet mask by MASK CBD Skincare can help deliver a powerful dose of hydration just when your skin needs it most.

And, because MASK uses full spectrum CBD in its skin care, these sheet masks are an easy and highly effective way to calm irritation, soothe breakouts, and get a noticeable glow in less than 30 minutes.

With three formulas to complement its CBD skin serums, each MASK CBD sheet mask targets your specific skin concerns—but we like to mix them up to address our skin’s needs as they change with the seasons.