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Traveling This Memorial Day? Don’t Forget These 3 CBD Skincare Products

Traveling This Memorial Day? Don’t Forget These 3 CBD Skincare Products

If you’re ringing in the unofficial start of summer over Memorial Day weekend with travel plans, make sure to pack your sunscreen—and don’t forget clean skincare products that will help keep skin soft, radiant, and calm while you’re away.

Here are our top 3 natural skincare products to bring with you—and with ingredients this clean and nourishing, you’ll be glowing all weekend. 

Gently cleanse and calm sun-soaked skin 

With any luck, Memorial Day weekend will be full of time spent in the sunshine. When it’s time to wind down at the end of an active day, you’ll want to reach for a natural facial cleanser that gently removes sunscreen, sweat, oil, and makeup without disrupting the critical skin barrier that helps protect your skin and keep in harmony. 

Enter MASK CBD Skincare Unfiltered Skin Soothing Cleanser, a highly effective natural cleanser packed with skin-loving botanical ingredients that washes away the day to reveal your radiance.

This Jojoba Oil-based formula moisturizes from the get-go, while Quillaja Saponaria Extract works in tandem to cleanse skin without stripping it. Essential fatty acids in Sea Buckthorn Seed and Tamanu Oils work to heal irritation as Broccoli and Grapefruit Extracts brighten skin’s overall appearance.

And if you’ve had a little too much fun this Memorial Day, Rose and Palmarosa Oils will help open the heart and instill tranquility—perfect for soothing you into slumber.  

Drench skin with nourishing nutrients 

Our skin goes through a lot over the course of a summer weekend, from sun exposure and sweat to salt or chorine water—and it needs some extra TLC to help replenish it and bring it back to balance.

Be sure to pack the MASK CBD Skincare serum of your choice in your overnight bag to deliver the calming power of CBD to your skin, along with a plethora of nourishing botanical ingredients that address your skincare concerns at the source. 

Formulated with full spectrum CBD for the most powerful benefits, the weightless formulas of MASK serum sinks right into skin, a crucial step between cleansing and moisturizing skin. And, because these CBD serums are water-based, they work wonders on hydrating and calming skin that’s seen too much sun. 

Nurture and soothe delicate lips 

Last but not least, be sure to pack the ultimate multitasking natural skincare product: MASK CBD Skincare Lip Stick, an oversized chubby stick of moisturizing plant-based oils and full spectrum CBD that works wonders on dry, chapped lips—and everywhere else it’s applied. 

Created with a blend of some of the most emollient plant- and nut-based oils available, MASK Lip Stick helps to calm lips that are irritated, inflamed, chapped, and dry (looking at you, sunburn). 

But its oversized shape makes it perfect for swiping wherever you need extra moisture, making it ideal for travel. We love it to add extra glow high on our cheekbones and to tame eyebrows, but you can use Lip Stick on dry patches in need of love anywhere.

One added bonus: Because our lips have the highest number of endocannabinoid receptors in our body, they are especially responsive to the nourishing and healing power of CBD. And, CBD works in conjunction with Arnica Flower in this clean lip balm to help encourage healing. No wonder this is a best seller! 

Now that you’ve got your top 3 CBD skin care products packed, you’re ready to enjoy the weekend. Here’s to a happy and healthy Memorial Day!