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What Is CBG And Why Is It Good for Skin?

What Is CBG And Why Is It Good for Skin?

With all the buzz surround CBD—the active compound cannabidiol that’s found in hemp, a cousin of cannabis plants—it may surprise you to know that there’s another powerful ingredient in hemp that is being touted not only as having numerous health benefits, but is gaining a reputation for being good for skin, as well.

CBG, or cannabigerol, is a cannabinoid that also works within our endocannabinoid system in similar ways as CBD, helping to reduce inflammation and return the body to homeostasis, or balance.

While CBG and CBD are still being studied extensively, early indication shows that CBG has unique attributes that may improve the look and feel of skin—and that’s not all. We’re delving in to this wonder compound and exploring why CBG is the latest hemp-derived ingredient you need in your skin care routine—and in your life!

What is CBG?

CBG is a lesser-known cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Cannabinoids are compounds found in cannabis strains—including hemp plants— that work within our endocannabinoid system, a cell-signaling system that is associated with governing sleep, mood, fertility, inflammation, appetite and memory. It is also the system responsible for homeostasis, or state of balance, within the body. While the most well-known cannabinoid is the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, the compound found in cannabis plants that is responsible for creating the feeling of being “high,” CBD is also a major cannabinoid. While it is non-intoxicating, CBD boasts significant anti inflammatory properties, along with what many people report as soothing benefits that calm stress and lessen anxiety.

CBG, also non-intoxicating, is considered a minor cannabinoid because it is present in such low levels in the cannabis plant. However, this only makes it a more precious compound! In fact, CBG is considered a “precursor” to CBD and THC, because it is the cannabinoid from which these other two major cannabinoids are formed. And while its many benefits are still being proven, CBG has already been flagged as having positive impact on our physical and mental states.

What are the skin benefits of CBG?

While CBG has undergone fewer clinical studies than CBD, early indications suggest that the benefits of CBG on the skin are worth noting. According to New Beauty, CBG is rich in antioxidants, which help fend off free radicals that can prematurely age the look of skin. It also boasts antibacterial and antifungal properties to help reduce and soothe acne and other skin inflammations.

In addition, Sarah Mirsini—founder of MASK CBD Skincare—notes, “CBG provides a notable ability to help skin cells retain moisture. As part of the skin’s natural aging process, this ability weakens, but CBG not only boosts moisture, it encourages balance to keep skin well hydrated and more youthful looking.” In short, Mirsini says, CBG is a powerhouse ingredient that’s only beginning to enjoy the recognition it deserves.

Is CBG better for skin than CBD?

Because research on CBG and CBD is still in its infancy, we can’t yet know if CBG is better for skin than CBD. However, full spectrum CBD contains many compounds, including CBG—so if you are using full spectrum CBD in your skin care routine, you’re on the right track to benefit from both.

We do know that full spectrum CBD soothes inflammation, helps calm acne and can help counteract the look of aging. Think of CBG as a complement to the already powerful payoff of using CBD; the long term benefits will only continue to mount as your skin receives its daily dose of CBD oil in your natural skin care routine.

Is CBG good for health?

CBG is still being studied for its numerous benefits on health, but studies from 2008 onward show promise. CBG may be responsible for: reducing inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel disease; reducing intraocular pressure to alleviate glaucoma; slowing the growth of cancer cells and showing promise in treating Huntington’s disease.

With all of this potential, CBG may just be a precious, powerhouse compound from the hemp plant that will not only work to support our skin, but will help bring our bodies back to balance, as well. However you incorporate full spectrum CBD into your wellness arsenal, you’ll know that CBG is working to improve your skin’s appearance—and your overall health—naturally.


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