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Why CBD Serums Are Good for Your Skin

Why CBD Serums Are Good for Your Skin

It’s no secret that we’re fans of broad spectrum CBD for our overall health and wellness. From CBD oil and tinctures to sweet treats, CBD has found its way into our daily routines to help us navigate these unprecedented times by soothing anxiety, stress and helping to mitigate systemic inflammation. And as a leading CBD skin care brand that uses only natural and organic ingredients, we understand the numerous positive effects CBD has on skin, especially when used in conjunction with other powerful plant-based components. It is with these beneficial impacts in mind that we created MASK CBD face serums to complement our best-selling CBD sheet masks. Discover why CBD serums are good for your skin from head to toe—and how incorporating them into your natural skin care routine can help boost the benefits you’re already enjoying from CBD products.

What Is Skin Serum?

From conventional personal care products to natural skin care lines, “serum” has become increasingly popular for those looking to boost the benefits of their beauty routines. Serums often target specific skin concerns, from aging and acne to uneven or dull skin tone, and are used in conjunction with moisturizer to achieve the best results.

While some brands use the term “serum” to mean a highly effective face oil, serums are most commonly water-based formulas that are applied prior to moisturizer. Because serums are so lightweight and made up of smaller molecules than a lotion or a cream, they can penetrate below the surface of the skin to allow ingredients to truly address skin issues at their source. When we apply lotion, cream or oil on top of the serum, it creates an occlusive layer that locks in the serum, further benefiting our skin.

How Should I Use CBD Skin Serum?

Like any CBD skin care product, choosing a serum with full spectrum CBD will ensure your skin enjoys numerous cannabinoid compounds from the hemp plant. That means you’ll not only reap the benefits of the major cannabinoid CBD, but of minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBN. Together, these compounds deliver anti-inflammatory properties deep within the skin, along with powerful antioxidants to help combat the signs of aging—not to mention they help to balance and soothe the skin, which may help quiet acne, redness, irritation and leave skin looking more radiant overall.

CBD serums, like MASK CBD Skincare serums for face and body, are formulated with full spectrum CBD to be applied prior to moisturizer and can be used daily. Whether you use them primarily on your face or want the full body experience, it’s best to apply serums to clean, damp skin to allow for maximum absorption.

Whichever MASK formula you choose, you’ll enjoy the benefits not only of the full spectrum CBD, but of hyaluronic acid, a natural humectant that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water within cells of the skin—and that means an improvement in the appearance of skin from the inside out.

The Benefits of CBD Serum

As with any CBD skin care product, serums formulated without artificial ingredients—including artificial fragrance—tend to be safe for even sensitive skin. While you should always test new skin care products to make sure they don’t cause a reaction, CBD is overwhelmingly well-received by most skin types. And, because MASK CBD Skincare is formulated with only natural botanical ingredients, these serums are safe to be absorbed by your skin.

With regular use, CBD serum can help calm redness and irritation—like eczema, acne or dermatitis—and help to combat the signs of aging caused by environmental factors and free radical damage. Full spectrum CBD also helps to moisturize skin and balance oil production, leaving it looking plump and hydrated without looking oily. Quite simply, skin radiance gets a major boost with a CBD serum!

Used on the body, face or both, MASK CBD serum will help take your natural skincare routine to the next level. For as many reasons as there are to love how CBD affects your state of mind, using CBD in skin care will no doubt leave you looking as good as you feel.