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The One Who Has It All
The One Who Has It All

The One Who Has It All


Moisturized skin and soft, conditioned hair are the gifts that keep on giving…and with this holiday gift set, they’ve never been easier to achieve. 

Featuring half face mask– ideal for those who want to wear a sheet mask, but need it to fit around facial hair –this skin-nourishing formula focuses on reviving and calming dry, stressed skin. CBD soothes inflammation, redness, and irritation, as additional organic skincare ingredients like ginseng and green tea may help to alleviate puffiness. Cucumber fruit extract aids in hydration, plumping skin for a healthy, radiant look. 

Once the CBD sheet mask has been applied to the upper portion of the face, condition beards and mustaches with MASK’s Organic Hair + Body Oil. Powerful plant and nut oils, along with full spectrum CBD, go to work to soothe and comfort skin while softening and conditioning hair, leaving it shiny and healthy looking. Not just for beards, though, this oil can be used to soothe and moisturize dry patches all over the body, to style and condition hair, and even to encourage eyebrow health. 

This powerful clean skincare gift set is perfect for pampering during a flight, before a big night out, or anytime skin and hair just need some TLC (and CBD!).