Sarah Mirsini, Founder

Sarah Mirsini


Sarah's passion for wellness and plant medicine made her come up with the idea of MĀSK. She believes in a holistic lifestyle where the inside counts just as much as the outside. Growing up on the islands of Greece and the mountains of Norway, she utilized the tools she was taught to form not just a lifestyle, but a brand.

Marco Larsen, Partner



Marco is the Founder of PUBLIC, NYC - a media strategy firm focusing on branding, PR, and communications. His methodology, PANIC, breaks down the abstract components of branding into measurable and actionable strategies.

He is on the Board of Trustees for The SETI Institute and co-founder of The Bedford Post Inn Restaurants in Bedford, NY. His book, "DON'T" The Essential Guide for Publicity in NYC (and any other city that matters) challenges Marketing and PR bad habits.

Family Medicine Physician and Advisor MĀSK Skincare

Michael Kennis, MD

Family Medicine Physician and Advisor MĀSK Skincare

Michael Kennis, MD is a board certified family medicine physician. Over the last 7 years, Dr. Kennis has worked professionally in the emergency room, urgent care setting and a family medicine clinic providing care for children and adults.

Recently Dr. Kennis has formed Velour Medical, a concierge, direct to consumer, medical company. Their mission is to bring the medical office to the patients’ own home for personalized care.

In addition, Dr. Kennis is an advocate for CBD, CBG and CBN awareness and its functionality with the human body. He advises and consults with the MĀSK Skincare team to ensure that all terminology and logic is presented to the consumer in an approachable way.

Malika Sloan

Malika Sloan

Medical Esthetician / MĀSK Consultant

Malika is a Medical Aesthetician at Tribeca Medspa in New York City where she specializes in medical grade skincare treatments such as Fraxel, Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Laser Hair Removal, etc. Malika is constantly looking for innovative ways to achieve long lasting results and increase her knowledge. She believes that pairing the right products and homecare regimen is crucial when creating a customized plan for her clients. Malika is a pro in medical grade skincare but also has a passion for clean beauty and organically certified products.

Allison Linkevich Head of Business Development East Coast

Allison Linkevich

Head of Business Development East Coast

Having spent the last 3 years in Los Angeles working in the wellness and cbd/cannabis industries, Allison is excited to bring her expertise in business development and wellness consulting to MĀSK. She applies her passions for people, the planet and alternative medicine to everything she does. Originally from New Jersey, she is an innovative, compassionate individual who believes not only in the power of cannabinoids but using them as a platform to break stigmas on taboo topics from skin ailments to mental health disorders.

Valerie Morzillo, Account Manager


Account Manager

Valerie loves the challenge of sales and discovering her customers' needs as well as establishing great partnerships and friendships. She is a strong believer in just being yourself and having great passion about our products. To her, her family comes first and she focuses on just surrounding herself with loving, genuine, positive people.

Nick Finochio, Content Creator


Content Creator

Nick is a NYC based photographer who thrives on always being creative. Since moving to the city 4 years ago, Nick has shot many campaigns for brands ranging from swimsuit companies to our very own MĀSK Skincare Campaign.

Mackenzie Adams, Social Media & Marketing Manager

Mackenzie Adams

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Mackenzie is pursuing her B.S. in Fashion Media at LIM College in New York City as last semester senior. Mackenzie has experience in content creation, data analytics, and social media management. Post-graduation, she plans to continue her career in social media in NYC or the L.A. area. Previous companies include: Her Campus Media, Milk Makeup, and Rent the Runway.

Arleen West, Website Designer

Arleen West

Website Designer

Arleen believes the key to online success starts with a website that immediately tells the visitor who you are, what you do, and how to do business with you. Based in Minneapolis, she's been with MĀSK since 2019.

Kinsley Stofft, Graphic Designer

Kinsley Stofft

Graphic Designer

Kinsley works as a professional brand strategist and graphic designer for MASK. With her design roots inspired by parents in the textile and architectural industries, and refined at the Parsons School of Design in NYC, she has applied her craft and worked all over the world in industries such as tourism, beauty and CBD.