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At-Home Spa Treatments for Mother’s Day

At-Home Spa Treatments for Mother’s Day

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, finding one-size-fits-all options that still make her feel special can be challenging.

Luckily, we’ve curated our 3 favorite Mother’s Day gifts that do just that! Here are our tried-and-true ways to honor Mom on May 12–and to keep her glowing all year long. 

Give the gift of a mood-boosting natural cleanser 

We don’t always think of facial cleansers as being luxurious, but when the cleanser is made with natural and aromatherapeutic ingredients that help alleviate stress while they cleanse and moisturize skin, “luxurious” is the perfect way to describe it! 


Enter Unfiltered Skin Soothing Cleanser from MASK Skincare, a non comedogenic balm formula that melts away makeup, sunscreen, dirt, and oil without stripping precious moisture from skin. Formulated with non-toxic botanical ingredients, this gentle yet highly effective cleanser is also infused with rose oil and palmarosa to promote feelings of relaxation and well-being while cleansing the skin.

And because this spa-like cleanser is made with emollient jojoba oil, it actually moisturizes skin, leaving the skin barrier intact and balanced. 

Unfiltered Skin Smoothing Cleanser also works with all skin types, so it can easily be integrated into Mom’s existing clean skincare routine. 

Keep her glowing with MASK Skincare serums 

No matter her skin type, you can give Mom the gift of glowing skin with MASK Skincare serums, water-based formulas that sink into the skin to deliver organic ingredients that help balance, hydrate, and soothe inflammation, leaving skin looking radiant and healthy. 

Each MASK Skincare serum is infused with full-spectrum CBD to reduce redness, irritation, and inflammation and to deliver powerful antioxidants that protect skin from aging free radicals.

And, because these serums are made to work gently yet effectively alongside existing organic skincare products, they make a wonderful addition to existing clean skincare routines.

You can choose from Spotless, Luminouss or Ageless formulas for Mom, but any of these formulas will work to nourish, calm, and hydrate skin–which means you can’t go wrong! This is an at-home spa treatment she can use daily, long after her happy Mother’s Day has passed. 

Treat her to a much-needed time out with an organic skincare sheet mask 

Mom does everything for everyone–and Mother’s Day is the perfect day to treat her to an at-home spa treatment that doubles as a personal time out.

MASK Skincare sheet masks feel like a trip to the spa because they’re used in actual spas–and with their natural and organic ingredients, they’re a clean beauty treat you can feel good about gifting to Mom! 


Created to support the formulas of MASK's non-toxic beauty serums, each MASK sheet mask is also available in Spotless, Luminouss, and Ageless formulas.

And, like our best-selling, water-based serums, these sheet masks are also formulated with full-spectrum CBD to help support and soothe all skin types. 

Looking to up the ante for Mom this Mother’s Day? Dim the lights, light a few candles, brew a cup of herbal tea or pour her a glass of wine and let her put her feet up while she enjoys her MASK sheet mask.

It’s the kind of at-home spa treatment she deserves–and her skin will be all the happier for it.