Each of us wears masks by which we move through the world: From how we present ourselves at the office to time spent with our loved ones, we exhibit to the world a mere version of our genuine selves. At night, we wash the day away and lay bare our truth. It is this moment, when we discard the facades, from which MĀSK draws its inspiration.

Sarah Mirsini


Founded in 2019, MĀSK is a culmination of unearthing the truth at our core, embracing ourselves as we are in the moment, and finally celebrating the essence of our being when artifice is stripped away.

Our founder, Sarah, struggled with acne from her early teens. From changing her diet, to trying countless of skincare brands, she discovered CBD oil through a holistic path she was taking in reclaiming her health. The more Sarah worked to live her most vibrant live, the more she realized that self-acceptance was at the heart of her health—inside and out.

MĀSK was then founded to help support the journey to self-acceptance through the act of self-care. MĀSK seeks to nourish the skin and soothe the spirit with products created to comfort, nurture and encourage the look of healthy skin—in its most pure, authentic state.

Using only hand-picked, plant-derived ingredients and Full Spectrum CBD oil, MĀSK sheet masks and skincare products were developed to restore skin to balance, ease and radiance. We were also the first company in the world to utilize Cannabinoids like CBG. CBN and CBC. These are just a plethora of the plant that can be used for skin conditions. 

As CBD oil calms the inflammation that can lead to skin distress, gentle yet powerful botanicals alleviate dryness, settle irritation and encourage cell turnover for skin that looks clearer, calmer, deeply hydrated and glowing with health. 

At the moment your MĀSK is removed, you reveal to the world yourself, unadorned. You are whole. You are cared for. You are radiant.