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Traveling This Holiday? Pack These 3 Clean Skincare Essentials

Traveling This Holiday? Pack These 3 Clean Skincare Essentials

Winter’s dry air can be tough enough on our skin–but throw in travel, lack of sleep, and the overall craziness of the busy holiday season, and skin can become unbalanced and irritated in no time.

This holiday, slip these three clean skincare essentials into your carry-on to keep skin calm, balanced, and glowing, no matter where your holiday celebrations take you. 

Organic lip balm to soothe lips–and soften skin 

Dry lips are uncomfortable any time of year, but when winter’s dry air causes lips to get chapped, it can be difficult to concentrate on anything else. Redness, irritation, peeling and cracking lips can make life miserable–the last thing you want to be dealing with when you’re traveling this holiday season! 

Reclaim calm with MASK Skincare’s Soothing Organic Balm Stick, a chubby-sized lip balm that instantly cools lips and begins restoring them to their peaceful, smooth state. The full spectrum CBD in Organic Balm Stick goes to work within the endocannabinoid receptors in your lips–the highest concentration of them anywhere in your face! – to quell inflammation, irritation, redness, pain, and dryness.

An infusion of plant-based ingredients in this organic skincare lip balm deeply moisturizes lips, while a blend of essential oils including peppermint, clove, and cardamom oils delivers antibacterial protection, encourages healing, and leaves lips looking plumper. 

An added bonus? Soothing Organic Balm Stick can be swiped on cheekbones and under brows to create a highlighted effect; it can also be used on eyebrows to keep hair in place–and the Vitamin E may encourage hair growth. A clean beauty must-have!

CBD sheet masks to calm, hydrate and boost radiance 

Traveling home for the holidays? Keep dry plane (train, car..) air at bay with MASK’s best-selling CBD sheet masks. Made with plant-based, organic skincare ingredients and full-spectrum CBD, these sheet masks deliver nourishing ingredients to skin that help hydrate, calm, and boost its radiance.

Each sheet mask is formulated with MASK Skincare’s proprietary blend of organic ingredients that permeate skin and work to nourish skin at the source; the sheet itself helps to lock in those beneficial ingredients. And, MASK CBD sheet masks can be used twice, so when you get to your final destination, you can reward yourself with a second round of relaxation.

Available in Spotless, Lumimouss, and Ageless formulas, these clean skincare masks are gentle enough for all skin types to relieve holiday stress, and can be added to your clean skincare routine all year round. 

Clean skincare serum to send dry skin packing 

However and wherever you’re ringing in the holidays this year, pack a bottle of MASK Skincare CBD skin serum. Formulated to support the beneficial ingredients that make up MASK’s CBD sheet masks, these organic skincare formulas improve the look and feel of skin when integrated into any existing skincare regimen. 

Available in Spotless, Lumimouss, and Ageless formulas that mimic the benefits of MASK sheet masks, these skin serums deliver soothing CBD to calm red, inflamed, or irritated skin that can be the result of too many festive parties or too much dry winter air.

In addition, CBD delivers powerful antioxidants to combat aging free radicals; a plethora of plant-based organic ingredients work to support the CBD in each formula, leaving skin hydrated, glowing, and balanced. In addition, the Spotless formula works to soothe and prevent acne that can crop up when we’re sleep deprived or breaking out from too much festive food and drink. 

Wherever you’re heading this holiday season, pack these three clean skincare essentials in your bag for skin that looks and feels comfortable, radiant, and well hydrated when you arrive…and well into the new year.