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CBD Facial Protocol

CBD Facial Protocol

Clients receiving non-invasive procedures may still experience tenderness, redness, or even swelling at the sites of their procedures, and while they may be short lived, these symptoms may be further mitigated or even avoided with the powerful benefits of full spectrum CBD.

Here is our suggestion to adding a simple CBD facial to your menu.

Start with our clean cleanser 

Put your steamer on and make the client comfortable. Our cleanser was formulated with all skin types in mind to protect the skin barrier while washing away dirt, excess oil, and makeup–leaving skin soft and comfortable, never stripped. 

You can also add your preferred enzyme or exfoliant powder on clients with more texture on their skin. 

Extraction is recommended here but not if the client do not wish this option.

Choose a sheet mask based on skin concerns

Assess your client, and see if they need Ageless, Luminouss or Spotless. Any of these formulations will take the redness down from the extractions.

These sheet masks are perfect to combine with the following for maximum results:

  • LED lights
  • Cryo globes
  • Microcurrent

CBD skin serum for maximum results 

Each formula targets specific concerns, from acne and dullness to dryness, and with a host of beneficial natural ingredients, skin looks and feels healthier and calmer overall. 

Apply this on face and neck, and gently massage it into your clients skin.

A little mid-treatment treat

Some clients may experience hair loss or dry scalp. Giving them a 5 minute scalp massage with benefits will go a long way.

Our Hair + Body Oil will do the trick. Use one full dropper and massage evenly on the preferred area. You can also use this on their hands and chest.


Finish off with a moisturizer and a SPF

Use your preferred moisturizer and we recommend PALM CBD Sunscreen with SPF 30. This formula is tearless, non-greasy and dries clear in seconds with Zinc oxide, Titanium dioxide and hemp making it the perfect sunscreen for whatever the day brings.

Voila, there you have the basics of a simple, yet effective, CBD facial.
You can add any steps here.