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3 NEW Ways to Use MASK’s Best-Selling Cleanser

3 NEW Ways to Use MASK’s Best-Selling Cleanser

It’s no secret that the team here at MASK CBD Skincare loves natural skincare products–and we love them even more when they’re made to multi-task.

In fact, our best-selling organic facial cleanser doesn’t just cleanse and nourish skin; Skin Soothing Cleanser can also be used several different ways to level up your personal care routine.

Here are three NEW options how to use MASK’s best-selling cleanser, and trust us–you’re going to love them.  

As a base for your enzyme powder 

Using MASK Skin Soothing cleanser by itself is already an at-home spa experience. Not only does this gentle organic cleanser rinse away makeup, dirt, and oil, but it leaves even dry, sensitive skin feeling calm and clean without feeling stripped of crucial moisture. 

But if you’re looking to take your cleansing routine to the next level of spa-like self care, why not use this organic face cleanser as a base for your favorite enzyme powder?

Enzyme powders typically offer two types of exfoliation: physical and chemical. Papaya enzyme powder, for instance, physically exfoliates dead skin cells with its soft powder “grit,” while the essential acids in this enzyme gently exfoliate with a natural chemical process that can also brighten skin, thanks to Vitamins A and C.

When paired with MASK Skin Soothing Cleanser, you reap the benefits of your enzyme powder while still cushioning your skin in moisturizing, calming clean. 

As a shaving cream 

Short on shaving cream? Reach for a dollop of MASK Skin Soothing Cleanser for a close shave without the irritation.

With highly moisturizing jojoba and almond oils and healing tamanu oil, this all natural face cleanser works wonders to keep skin calm and smooth under a razor. Its silky texture helps razors glide across skin, encouraging a close shave without the dreaded red, irritated bumps of razor burn. 

And, whether you use it on your face or on your body, the gentle foaming action of quillaja saponaria extract will help cleanse even sensitive skin without stripping it of crucial moisture.

As microblading prep

Taking the microblading plunge? There’s a lot of prep work that goes into getting your brows ready for this semi-permanent treatment, and avoiding harsh cleansers, serums, and treatments is among them.

Prep your brows for microblading by using MASK Skin Soothing Cleanser instead of a harsh cleanser. Ultra gentle and soothing, the blend of jojoba oil, almond oil, sea buckthorn and tamanu work to calm irritation–key in helping mircroblading go smoothly.

These ingredients also work to help moisturize skin, which may make your hair and skin be better prepared to receive the microblading ink. 

However you use MASK Skin Soothing Cleanser, your skin will reap the benefits of this calming, moisturizing, and skin-smoothing formula.