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3 Powerhouse Natural Skincare Ingredients—and Why We Love Them

3 Powerhouse Natural Skincare Ingredients—and Why We Love Them

Whether you’re a sworn conventional skincare junkie or have begun dipping your toe into the growing ocean of clean beauty products, you may be surprised to learn that when it comes to fighting the signs of aging, fading scars and keeping skin calm and glowing, Mother Nature has a skincare arsenal worth its weight in gold. Here, we’re doing a deep dive into three of our favorite powerhouse natural skincare ingredients, and telling you why we love them enough to use them alongside CBD oil in our MĀSK products. Read on and get ready to thank your mama (Earth, that is!).

1. Helichrysum

Also known as immortelle, helichrysum essential oil comes from the Helichrysum italicum plant native to France, Bosnia and Herzogivna and Croatia. Its bright yellow flowers inspired its name: From the Greek helios (meaning sun) and chrysos (meaning gold) this hearty plant with its soothing herbal scent is unparalleled for calming skin, aiding in cell turnover and helping to fade the look of scars—fast. We love this little miracle worker! Because helichrysum is an expensive ingredient, it’s thus far been cost prohibitive to use it en masse in skincare products. But we know a good—no, amazing— thing when we see it, and knew we couldn’t formulate our Acne & Psoriasis MĀSK without it. It’s that important! Helichrysum essential oil is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial and antibacterial ingredient that we’re thrilled to include in our ingredient list.

2. Kakadu Plum

Native to Australia, kakadu plums, or Terminalia ferdinandiana, are also known as billygoat plums. Their incredibly high concentration of Vitamin C (50% higher than oranges!) makes them ideal for use in skincare products; indigenous communities in Australia have long turned to kakadu plums for their skin-healing abilities. Potent antioxidants in this superlative Vitamin C concentration work to protect skin from damaging free radicals and to encourage cell turnover for improved radiance; gallic and ellagic acids fight bacteria and enhance suppleness, keeping skin calm and youthful looking. Kakadu plum extract plays a crucial role in our Anti-Aging MĀSK for its ability to help soothe, plump and illuminate skin while fighting signs of aging.

3. Gotu Kola

Sometimes referred to as Pennywort, gotu kola —or Centella asiatica—is native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. This herb has been revered for hundreds of years in Ayurvedic medicine for its ability to calm the mind, but it’s gotu kola’s numerous skincare benefits that caught our attention. Gotu kola extract helps promote healthy circulation, so skin glows from the inside out. No wonder this precious herb has been used for centuries to promote health! In addition, it works to protect collagen—and that means skin looks plumper and younger. We added it to our Under-Eye MĀSK to rev up cell turnover to minimize fine lines, to help reduce inflammation and puffiness and to keep delicate eye skin looking plump and youthful.