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How to Transition Your Skin Care from Winter to Spring

How to Transition Your Skin Care from Winter to Spring

Spring is finally here in the northern hemisphere, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! But while we welcome the warmer weather and longer days, it can be hard on skin to adjust to all the changes spring brings.

Here’s how to transition your clean skin care from winter to spring  so you can face those blue skies with calm, comfortable, radiant skin.

The best part? It’s a lot easier than you think. 

Adjust your exfoliation schedule 

Dry winter skin needs exfoliation, but for many of us dealing with winter’s frigid temps and arid indoor air, exfoliating just once a week is more than enough to keep our skin feeling healthy.

But come spring, with rising temps and rising humidity levels, our skin may sweat more, which may lead to more dirt and oil buildup on our skin. While your skin is transitioning to spring weather, experiment with exfoliation.

You may be able to bump it up to twice a week and still have skin that’s comfortable and radiant. If skin feels tight, irritated, dry, or starts to break out after twice-weekly exfoliating sessions, back it down to once a week and let your skin reset.

As the weeks inch toward summer, you can try to increase gentle exfoliation again and see how skin responds.

Keep using your water-based serum

Winter skin needs extra hydration. Enter the water-based skin serum that’s been your skin’s saving grace during the colder months. But even as the spring season is underway, you want to keep using your water-based clean skin care serum.

After all, skin needs hydration to keep skin cells functioning at their best, no matter what time of year it is. For some of us, the change in seasons–even if temps are milder and the air is more humid–can wreak havoc on skin as it adjusts, causing it to feel irritated, itchy, and just “off.”

Maintaining some consistency in your clean skin care routine will be helpful, especially if you’re using a plant-based serum with calming full spectrum CBD and soothing plant-based ingredients, like MASK CBD Skincare serums

Lighten up on moisturizer 

While winter calls for thicker, heavier moisturizers to lock in hydration, spring is often a time to begin lightening up in how you layer your moisturizers. While serums and face oils will work in any season, heavy creams and balms as the weather warms may lead to breakouts.

You don’t have to quit cold turkey or throw away what you used all winter, however, Instead, try cutting back use of heavier moisturizers to nighttime only, or every other day. You can also incorporate them as part of an at-home weekly facial, using them during a self-care day that may include exfoliating and masking.

Continue wearing sunscreen 

Springtime means longer days, and additional sun exposure means sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

Making sunscreen your last clean skin care layer will protect your skin against damaging UVA/UVB rays, and with today’s makeup-skincare-sunscreen hybrids, you can think of your daily SPF as one more glow-inducing layer to love your skin. 

Lean on regular mask use 

The last important step in transitioning your skincare from winter to spring? Leaning on regular mask use.

As our skin adjusts to the season, incorporating soothing masks weekly (or even 2-3 times a week) can go a long way in helping to keep skin calm, comfortable, and radiant.

Choose skincare masks made with organic and plant-based ingredients and formulated without artificial colors and fragrances.

MASK CBD Skincare offers a full line of CBD sheet masks to complement its line of clean skin care serums, so you can target concerns such as dryness, signs of aging, or breakouts while receiving gentle and highly effective moisturizing ingredients, including antioxidant-rich, calming CBD.