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Just Dropped: MASK Unfiltered Skin Soothing Cleanser

Just Dropped: MASK Unfiltered Skin Soothing Cleanser

The latest natural formula by MASK CBD Skincare

You asked for it, and we’re thrilled to announce we’ve finally answered your skincare prayers: MASK Unfiltered Cleanser is on its way!

Our first-ever natural cleanser is as luxurious, non-toxic, and effective as you’ve come to expect from MASK CBD Skincare, with curated ingredients that address myriad skin concerns.


Inspired by the power of revealing and accepting our unfiltered authenticity, Unfiltered Skin Soothing Cleanser can be used nightly to melt away makeup, dirt, and excess oil to reveal clean, calm, radiant skin.

At its base, Quillaja Saponaira Extract and Jojoba Oil—which mimics our skin’s own sebum—work to gently cleanse skin without disrupting its critical barrier function, responsible for keeping moisture in and harmful bacteria or environmental stressors out. 

Healing Tamanu and Sea Buckthorn oils in this natural skin cleanser deliver essential fatty acids to skin while encouraging cell turnover—ideal for helping to fade scars or discoloration.

Broccoli and Grapefruit Extracts create powerful brightening to leave skin looking more radiant and even. And, because we believe our skin’s health is directly linked with our mental and emotional health, the delicate scent of natural essential oils of Rose and Palmarosa help to calm stress and open the heart, nourishing your soul and skin back to tranquility. 

MASK Skincare Unfiltered Cleanser can be used daily to cleanse skin; we love it at the end of the day to help us release what no longer serves us and to prep skin to receive the highly beneficial ingredients of  MASK CBD Skincare skin serums. 

Are you ready to reveal your Unfiltered self?