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Niacinamide: A Must-Have Skincare Ingredient for 2024

Niacinamide: A Must-Have Skincare Ingredient for 2024

As a clean skincare brand committed to using only the most gentle yet highly effective plant-based ingredients, we know that Mother Nature works best when her ingredients are used regularly over the course of time.

So we’re not phased when an ingredient starts trending–but when one of the ingredients we know, love, and use in our formulas makes a top “must-have” list for 2024, we admit: We got excited.

Here’s why niacinamide is a must-have skincare ingredient this year, and why we love using it in MASK Skincare. 


What is niacinamide? 

Niacinamide is an active form of Vitamin B3 that has gained popularity as a powerful skincare ingredient. While niacin as Vitamin B3 is found in many different foods and helps us power food into energy, the form niacinamide takes makes it water soluble and ideal for use on the skin. 


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Why is niacinamide a must-have skincare ingredient for 2024? 

Over the past several years, niacinamide has gained a loyal following for its powerful, positive impact on skin. According to Formula Botanica, an online teaching institution for organic formulation, niacinamide is still going strong; they named it a “must-have skincare ingredient for 2024.”


What makes this particular B vitamin such a skin hero? According to Formula Botanica, “It helps regulate sebum production, improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation and age spots, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and evens the skin tone due to its brightening and anti-inflammatory action. This multi-functional, high-performance ingredient also helps the skin barrier, hydrates the skin, and reduces water loss.” 


In fact, when niacinamide is paired with other ingredients like hyaluronic acid–one of the most powerful humectants found in non toxic skincare and a hydration powerhouse in its own right–it can make these ingredients perform even better. 


Such broad appeal, and being so well tolerated by many skin types, make niacinamide a kind of “wonder ingredient.” While Formula Botanica may have listed it as this year’s “must-have” ingredient, it’s clear that this powerful addition to clean skincare isn’t going anywhere. In fact, we predict it will only become more popular as more consumers learn about it and see its results. 


Where can I find niacinamide skincare?

Searching for non toxic skincare with niacinamide? Look no further than MASK Skincare’s line of sheet masks and serums, which each contain this must-have ingredient for 2024. 

Chock full of natural and organic ingredients that are gentle enough to work on all skin types, these biocellulose masks can be easily integrated into an existing clean skincare regimen to deliver spa-like results. And, because they’re formulated niacinamide, the plant-based ingredients in these sheet masks are boosted to be even more effective. 


Top 10 Benefits of Niacinamide for Your Skin

As winter slides into spring, it’s a perfect time to treat your skin to the benefits of niacinamide.

Whether your skin tends to be a little oilier in the warmer months, feels a bit inflamed from the weather changes, or just needs some brightening and radiance, niacinamide in MASK Skincare may help bring your skin back to balance and reclaim its luminosity.

It’s no wonder this powerful ingredient is one of our favorites to formulate with and to use daily–and we have a feeling you’ll soon be a fan of this “must-have ingredient” for 2024, too.