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Now Available: CBD Lip Sticks in 2 Sizes

Now Available: CBD Lip Sticks in 2 Sizes

When MASK CBD Skincare customers talk, we listen. We know you love our Organic Moisturizing CBD Lip Stick because it’s one of our best sellers–even selling out repeatedly! But for some of our loyal CBD skincare customers, a smaller lip stick size would be more convenient.

Now, our CBD lip stick comes in two sizes: the original larger size, and a smaller, more standard size. We like them both for different reasons, but what we really love is that they both pack an impressive blend of organic ingredients and  powerful CBD to soothe our delicate lips.

Which one will you choose? 

When to use each size of MASK Organic Moisturizing CBD Lip Stick 

We’ve long sung the praises of our oversized Organic Moisturizing CBD Lip Stick for the way it covers lips with a single sweep, but we also listened to our customers who wanted a smaller CBD Lip Stick. 

So, when should you reach for the large CBD Lip Stick, and when should you reach for the small one? We find it depends on the day and what we’re wearing. Jeans, dresses with pockets, or shorts?

We love the small CBD Lip Stick for the way it slips into tight spaces without compromising its healing and highly moisturizing formula. We also love this size in our fanny packs or belt bags on days when we have more things to carry and can’t give up the storage real estate. 

We reach for the large MASK Organic Moisturizing CBD Lip Stick when we’ll be traveling and need a one-size-fits-all solution that will address multiple needs on the go. For instance, jumping on a flight calls for a soothing moisturizer that will keep our lips soft and comfortable, while also smoothing skin on our faces from dry cabin air. We also love the larger size for smoothing across sunburned shoulders or snow-chapped cheeks.

Lastly, the large size does wonders for conditioning brows and helping us comb them into place, and works beautifully to add subtle sheen to cheekbones and down the nose in place of highlighter. 

What makes MASK CBD Lip Stick so effective? 

MASK CBD Organic Moisturizing  Lip Stick is highly effective at moisturizing and soothing dry, chapped, or inflamed lips. Talk about a powerhouse! 

We set out to create moisturizing clean lip products that would showcase the power of CBD to calm inflammation, soothe irritation, and combat dryness. The result is the blend of organic ingredients you see– and feel– in MASK Organic Moisturizing CBD Lip Stick.

With 250 mg of full spectrum CBD in the large size, this formula delivers an impressive dose of CBD to lips, which happen to have the most endocannabinoid receptors in the body! And, with a base of highly emollient and antioxidant-rich olive oil, apricot oil, and avocado oil, it also moisturizes immediately, creating a shiny cocoon of comfort for lips. 

In addition, a blend of essential oils–peppermint, clove bud, cardamom, and cinnamon–helps to cool chapped lips on contact, while arnica flower offers antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic benefits to help keep cracked lips from becoming infected. 

But it’s not just lips that may benefit from this CBD lip stick formula; these balms can be used on dry elbows, chapped cheeks, or other dry skin patches to help soothe and restore them to a calm state.

In short, MASK Organic Moisturizing CBD Lip Stick is indispensable…no matter what size you use!