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The Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts After a Facial

The Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts After a Facial

If you’re treating your skin to a facial, good for you! Facials aren’t just a relaxing indulgence, they’re a wonderful way to care for your skin in addition to your established clean skincare routine.

But while you may not realize it, how you care for your skin post-facial may be nearly as important as the facial itself.

If you want your skin to enjoy the benefits of a professional facial for as long as possible, follow our top 5 do’s and don’ts after a facial. Your glowing skin will thank you! 

  • Avoid exfoliating your face after your facial 

  • You had a facial earlier in the day, and now you’re tempted to exfoliate your skin before bed. Wait! Stop! Resist the urge!

    Being as gentle with your skin as possible after a facial is of the utmost importance. Because your facial has already removed dead skin cells, dirt, and debris from your skin, you risk stripping your skin barrier if you repeat exfoliation the same day–and that can lead to red, irritated, inflamed skin that’s prone to breakouts.

    Instead, try waiting 5-7 days before your next exfoliation session, and be sure to always use a gentle, non toxic skincare option. And don’t forget: Using retinoids–not just physical exfoliants–count as exfoliating as well, so be sure to hold off on using these for the same window of time. 

  • Skip the makeup 

  • It’s not uncommon to experience some redness or blotchiness after a facial, and if you’ve made plans afterwards, you may be tempted to reach for your makeup bag to even out your complexion or define your eyes.

    But part of what makes facials so effective is that they open up pores and clean them out–and applying makeup when pores are still open will clog them all over again. Plus, you don’t want to interfere with the products your facialist used during your treatment! Instead, give your skin time to breathe and your pores time to close back up before applying makeup, even if it’s from your favorite clean beauty brand.

    Taking a break for a day or so will help your skin look and function at its best. 

  • Resist sun exposure 

  • For many of us, sitting in the sun while we’re totally relaxed sounds like the ideal way to spend an afternoon. But when you’re freshly out of a facial, you want to resist sun exposure.

    As beneficial as they are to skin, facials do cause skin sensitivity because they exfoliate and deep clean our skin–and that leaves it more vulnerable to UVA/UVB rays that can damage skin.

    Plus, you don’t want to slather on sunscreen when your pores are still open! Instead, wait a couple of days post-facial before exposing your face to the sun, and when you do, make sure you wear a wide-brimmed hat in conjunction with sunscreen, preferably from your favorite non toxic skincare line. 

  • Forgo your workout 

  • A day of wellness seems like the perfect time to get a facial and a workout in–but if you’re committed to working out on the same day, be sure to do so prior to your facial.

    Otherwise, the heat and sweat generated by your workout may irritate skin with still-open pores that’s freshly exfoliated, leaving it stinging, irritated, and red. 

  • Don’t forget to hydrate 

  • Lastly, don’t skip the water after your facial. While all the serums, oils, and balms that were used on your skin during your facial will no doubt leave you glowing, drinking water will help keep your skin and body hydrated–and that means plumper looking, healthier skin.