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Why Clean Beauty Actually Works

Why Clean Beauty Actually Works

With the global clean beauty industry reaching $7.2B last year, it’s safe to say that clean beauty isn’t going anywhere. In fact, according to, projections show that by 2028, that number will double.

And while there are plenty of consumers who are now clean beauty evangelists, many are still skeptical that clean beauty can deliver on its promise to work as well as, or even better than, conventional beauty products.

As a clean beauty brand, we’re here to set the record straight: Clean beauty does actually work. Here’s why.

What is clean beauty? defines clean beauty as, “Clean beauty means that the product is non-toxic, free of harmful ingredients, and has all the ingredients mentioned in the labeling. Clean beauty doesn't shy away from synthetic (or lab-created) ingredients - as long as those synthetic ingredients are safe.” But while this working definition is a helpful place to start, it’s not the full picture. 

Because the beauty and personal care industries here in the U.S. are not regulated by a governing body or required to meet an industry-wide standard for what defines “clean,” each brand is free to work within their own definition of clean beauty. For some brands, adding a few naturally-derived ingredients to a conventional formula that still contains fillers, waxes, or ingredients that are questionable or harmful to human health constitutes “clean.”

For others, utilizing a majority of natural ingredients but still relying on artificial fragrance–which can contain thousands of chemicals that do not have to be disclosed–means “clean.” And still, for other brands, a commitment to only using non toxic and plant-based ingredients is what they consider to be “clean.” 

Until there is an industry-wide standard or governing body to determine what “clean beauty” means, there will continue to be endless definitions set by the brands themselves.

On the flip side

To further muddy the waters, “clean” ingredients don’t always have to be 100% natural or organic. It’s important to remember that not all synthetic ingredients are “bad” –there are safe synthetic ingredients to help keep products free of bacteria, for instance, that do not disrupt our health and are safe for even sensitive bodies to use. On the flip side, not all natural ingredients are safe:

You wouldn’t put poison ivy on your skin, and you wouldn’t use pure, undiluted essential oils for fear of seriously burning your skin. 

Unfortunately, the burden of proof often falls on the consumer, who is left to determine which ingredients they feel comfortable using on a regular basis. Reading ingredient lists and knowing a brand’s definition of clean can be a helpful place to start. 

What does clean beauty mean to us here at MASK? 

Here at MASK Skincare, we’re committed to our own version of “clean beauty.” When we say “clean,” we mean our products are free from harmful ingredients such as (but not limited to) parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances and artificial dyes, sulfates, known carcinogens or endocrine disruptors, gluten, and animal byproducts. 

Instead, we use results-oriented, plant-based ingredients that are so pure and safe, you could actually ingest them (but we don’t recommend doing so–save that good stuff for your skin!).

Read the back of any MASK CBD Skincare product and chances are, you’ll recognize what’s in them. Ingredients like coconut water, pumpkin seed, jackfruit, ginseng, frankincense, coffee seed, apricot kernel…our list of ingredients reads more like a grocery shopping list than it does a lab experiment.

And of course, the majority of MASK products are formulated with full spectrum CBD, which is third-party verified for safety and efficacy. We at MASK CBD Skincare define clean beauty by what works–and we know from experience that the ingredients we so carefully choose to formulate with are not only non toxic, they’re nourishing, calming, supportive, and biocompatible. 

Why clean beauty actually works

In fact, biocompatibility is at the heart of why clean beauty works. “Biocompatible”  means that a product can work with your body to achieve what it promises to achieve; that it can be absorbed by your body and your body easily recognizes it and puts it to use via normal biological processes.

Biocompatible products tend to be easily absorbed and accepted by the skin, which can lead to better results. When a product is truly natural, and even more so when it’s organic, it works in harmony with the skin and body. Because the body doesn’t have to work so hard to discern what the ingredients are, it can readily absorb them and let the active ingredients get to work. 

In addition to being biocompatible, plant-derived ingredients can be highly effective–more so than many synthetic ingredients. Nature is wise beyond words, and natural botanical ingredients don’t solely do one thing; often, they can brighten and deliver powerful antioxidants; they can moisturize and combat inflammation; they can encourage cell turnover and help prevent breakouts.

And, plant-based ingredients can offer a more gentle substitute for harsher man-made ingredients, so skin can still reap similar benefits over the long haul without the harsh side effects (i.e., using Vitamin A-rich rosehip seed oil in place of harsh retinol). 

Today's consumer demands

Lastly, clean beauty works because discerning customers have demanded more from their beauty products. Gone are the days when “natural” products were only found at a farmer’s market.

Today’s consumer wants formulas that live up to their promises without fear of having their health compromised  by using them. Brands committed to truly being “clean” have responded with sophisticated natural skincare and beauty products that feel, look, and smell as wonderful as they perform.

Makeup formulas from non toxic beauty brands glide on, blend seamlessly, and last even under harsh conditions. As today’s consumers continue to demand the best for themselves and their health, brands will have to answer in kind. We hope a true definition of what “clean beauty” means will follow. 

Until then, you can trust that MASK CBD Skincare is setting our own high bar for clean beauty–and we’re committed to meeting it.