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Why Spas Should Use This Sheet Mask After Your HydraFacial

Why Spas Should Use This Sheet Mask After Your HydraFacial

If you’re heading to the spa for a HydraFacial treatment, you may want to slide your favorite MASK Skincare sheet mask in your bag.

That’s because these clean beauty must-haves are the perfect way to finish your treatment, thanks to their water-based formulas infused with super hydrating and soothing ingredients.

Read on for more info on how these CBD sheet masks can take your treatment to the next level–and why every spa should make this organic skincare line a part of its practice.  

What is a HydraFacial?

A HydraFacial is a non-invasive treatment focused on rejuvenating and hydrating the skin through cleansing, exfoliating, and performing a gentle chemical peel to more adequately clean out the pores.

Following the chemical peel, the skin aesthetician uses a special tool to “vacuum” out impurities and rid pores of blackheads and whiteheads. Once skin is exfoliated and the pores have been cleaned, the aesthetician applies nourishing serums to hydrate the skin.

Typically, the aesthetician will then utilize Vortex-Fusion technology to help these serums penetrate the skin more deeply. A HydraFacial can typically be completed in just under an hour, and boasts the benefit of not having to schedule excess “down time” afterwards. 

What can I expect after a HydraFacial?

While there are not generally significant side effects associated with HydraFacial, some skin may turn red and feel tight for several hours immediately following treatment. It may also be sensitized due to the chemical peel, so proceeding with caution and using gentle, organic skincare that won’t irritate skin is important. 

Why MASK Skincare sheet masks are perfect for post-HydraFacial care 

To combat feelings of tightness and any redness or irritation, applying a water-based sheet mask–like those from clean skincare brand MASK Skincare– after your HydraFacial can be a helpful step in your spa treatment. MASK Skincare CBD sheet masks deliver many noticeable benefits to skin, even skin that’s just undergone a HydraFacial treatment. 

Boost of hydration 

With a base of ultra-hydrating coconut water and aloe vera, MASK sheet masks take organic skincare to the next level with powerful plant-based ingredients.

Hyaluronic acid–a humectant that draws moisture toward skin–can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, helping to smooth and plump skin while ensuring it stays hydrated. Gentle enough for all skin types, these sheet masks quench skin that’s tight after a HydraFacial, allowing skin to drink in these skin-loving ingredients. 

Reduction in tightness

Skin that feels tight after HydraFacial benefits from lactobacillus ferment, found in MASK Skincare sheet masks. Just as probiotics aid in calming our digestion, they do the same for skin! In addition, healing and regenerative ingredients like helichrysum, manuka honey, and aspen bark help to quell irritation and tightness. 

Calms skin inflammation and redness 

As a hero ingredient in MASK Skincare sheet masks, CBD goes to work immediately to help bring down redness and inflammation that may occur post HydraFacial treatment.

The full spectrum CBD used in these non-toxic beauty masks works within the body’s endocannabinoid system to address inflammation in the skin and bring it back to balance. And, because these sheet masks are water-based, they’re easily incorporated into a HydraFacial treatment without fear of clogging pores. 

With the gentle, plant-based organic skincare of MASK Skincare, you can take your HydraFacial to the next level just by incorporating a MASK sheet mask into your treatment. Ask your spa about adding them to your treatment, and get ready for your skin to glow.