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Why MASK Skincare Should Be On Your Shelves

Why MASK Skincare Should Be On Your Shelves

If you’re a spa or retailer in the wellness space and you haven’t yet discovered how well MASK Skincare products are received by your clientele, you may be surprised to know that our clean skincare products are easy to integrate into any existing skincare routine.

From CBD sheet masks to plant-based skincare serums and organic lip sticks, MASK Skincare works with all skin types to help clients achieve calmer, clearer, more radiant and moisturized skin.

Contact us today to discuss how MĀSK Skincare can help make your spa and retail space a destination for clean, cannabinoid-based beauty. 


Our hero product, these easy-to-use face masks come in three formulas to target different skincare concerns. We have everything from full face sheet masks, to under-eye and half face.

  • Easy to display, does not need shelf space since it can hang.
  • Easy grab-and-go item everyone does once a week (or should, at least!)
  • Can be used every day, as well.
  • A must-have travel item as skin gets dry on flights.
  • Great for prepping skin before makeup .
  • Can be used with any skin tool (LED light, cryo sticks, jade roller, gua sha etc.)
  • Can be used during and/or post treatment in any facial.
  • Can be used post any peels (since our formulas are water-based.)
  • Great gift option.



Water-based skincare serums

Formulated as an everyday complement to our sheet masks, these skincare serums are a powerfully beneficial step in any skincare routine:

  • Can be used as a primer before makeup.
  • Great to apply before a Vitamin C serum.
  • Gentle enough to apply after retinol at night.
  • Can be used on your body.
  • Can be used as a hair serum.
  • Can be used during and/or post treatment in any facial.
  • Can be used post any peels (since our formulas are water-based.)



Moisturizing Lip Stick

A best-seller since its release, this organic formula works wonders on lips, which have the highest concentration of endocannabinoid receptors anywhere in the body. But this highly moisturizing formula isn’t solely for lips–it’s a multi-functional wonder that travels well, too. 

  • Long lasting because of its size.
  • Great moisturizer post facial.
  • Can be used on brows and cheeks.
  • Actually very helpful on mosquito and bug bites as CBD calms inflammation.

Skin Soothing Balm Cleanser

A gentle cleanser that washes away dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping skin, this CBD-free cleanser is packed with plant-based ingredients to soothe skin while encouraging its radiance.

  • Great for teen skin and sensitive skin.
  • A gentle pre-cleanse option.
  • Does not have CBD (in case retailers want a non-CBD option that is still non-toxic.)
  • Can be used as a shaving balm on both face and body.


With more customers demanding ingredients that are derived from nature, formulas that are free of toxic ingredients, and results that surpass those of conventional products, MASK Skincare products offer reliable, highly effective solutions to myriad skincare concerns.

And, because they are easy to use and integrate into existing skincare routines, MASK products appeal to clean beauty novices and more experienced clients alike.